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Escaping Prepress Hell

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  • Escaping Prepress Hell

    This post was originally inspired by a posting in a prepress forum where somebody complained about the low pay at their job. I have been reading these type of post for about oh, I say ten years. Okay here are ten steps to a better job.

    1. If you have worked at current position for 2 or more years, and you haven’t gotten a raise or a promotion, then leave.

    2. Take some assertive training or some courses on self-confidence.

    3. Lose your snobbishness over taking a “bridge” job, or a job that pays the bills until you find a "career" job.

    4. Don’t let the applications narrow your job search. You are a human being, not a "Preps" or "Apogee" expert.

    5. Build a really long resume about 4 pages at least, and ten pages is fine.

    6. If you are being interviewed by a HR person, do not get into the technical nature of your job.

    7. If the interviewer is an a——-e and the interview is a disaster, then you didn’t want to work there anyways.

    8. If you find another job, and your current employer offers the same amount of money, do NOT stay with your current employer.

    9. Stay with one recruiter, or if that recruiter is not helping you, leave to go to another.

    10. Network on the internet, it’s easy. Don't have any friends. Hey, I'll be YOUR friend, check my blog for details.

    Bonus step: Disconnect the TV.

    The [long version of this post is at my blog,|] if you are really serious about looking for a better job.

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    Re: Escaping Prepress Hell

    Not to be insensitive here but this subject has been beaten like the proverbial dead horse in here.

    I don't think we need another I hate my job thread, which this is likely to become.

    But hey that's just my opinion.


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      Re: Escaping Prepress Hell

      I kinda agree here.

      Maybe it's time to start a thread: Why I like my prepress chaos?


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        Re: Escaping Prepress Hell


        I'll start.

        It's never boring, days go by fast, theres always something new to learn I could ALWAYS be doing something that sucked SO much more that this.


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          Re: Escaping Prepress Hell

          im happy working in prepress. it is constantly a challenge, and it is fun working with the new technology. ive been in printing almost 20 years, and i have had my moments where i wonder what the heck i am doing in prepress, but printing has been a good profession for me and for a lot of others, i imagine. i mean, it Is work after all.



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            Re: Escaping Prepress Hell

            I have to agree with Chris.

            Sure there are some day to day struggles and frustrations, but each day I get to work on something new and challenging, not many jobs can offer that. I also like that at the end of the day I can hold the end product of what I helped produce (and admire the kick ass traps )


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              Re: Escaping Prepress Hell

              Ummmm, I actually like working in prepress too. I mean, I've been at it for about seventeen years. And I own a house (some of it - the bank owns the rest) and I support a wife and three kids etcetera, etcetera, so prepress has been pretty good, sometimes great.

              Hopefully anybody who reads my post will get the subtle hint that if they hate their job and/or think they are underpaid, then the solution is not to bitch and moan but do something about it, and here's a list of what they can do.

              Sorry that I'm late to the party with my 2 cents. I promise not to post on the Prinergy vs. Apogee thread that is elsewhere in the forum. I was battling with Steve Musselman and Michael Jahn over Apogee and Prinergy back in 1998, on the old CTP forum.

              Although Prinergy kicks Apogee's butt. Heh, sorry that slipped out.


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                Re: Escaping Prepress Hell


                Went to your blog and left a message there--mixed feelings on this thread--it was just a poll, after all, and I can't negotiate (much less re-negotiate) without knowing how much I should be asking for. And if you'd read your blog, you might understand where I am coming from.

                I'm not meek, by the way.

                You made some reasonable points, though. Lauren R.


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                  Re: Escaping Prepress Hell

                  Still in the 2nd honeymoon here. I tried to get out of this business for greener pastures and found out real quick that I had it made already. Our owners actually do give a crap about their employees. And even though there is mucho stress involved - i think i am addicted to the rush of going 100mph all day long.


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                    Re: Escaping Prepress Hell

                    Pre press isn't for everyone. You really need to have a troubleshooting-loving mindset to appreciate the daily challenges. Of course, a great company with a boss that cares as much as you do certainly make the job more rewarding and maybe even fun a the end of the day.

                    By the way DJ, I think that is a very good list of suggestions that likely works for any other jobs and not just pre press folks.

                    Edited by: Tech on Jan 8, 2008 9:23 AM


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                      Re: Escaping Prepress Hell

                      "Pre press isn't for everyone. You really need to have a troubleshooting-loving mindset to appreciate the daily challenges. Of course, a great company with a boss that cares as much as you do certainly make the job more rewarding and maybe even fun a the end of the day."

                      Very good points, it's not for everyone and the ones that don't posses the skills you mentioned will never be in demand, like any business.


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