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  • Stock Inventory?

    Not sure where to post this - does anyone know of a good program for keeping track of their stock inventory?

    The last year it was all done on paper spreadsheets - a real PITH, I don't have enough time to think of a better idea, what do you guys do in your shops?

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    Re: Stock Inventory?

    Pen and Paper here...would love to see what other solutions people are using.


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      Re: Stock Inventory?

      The quoting program we use (QuickEasy - local to South Africa) can do stock taking of some sort. Not sure how it works, not being an estimator.

      ...we don't use it, though... we should...

      I can only assume that there are estimating programs that might come with a management or admin suite built-in.


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        one of the best application for stock control

        Hi guys,

        depending on what budget you have for a stock control application you might find some that could fit your requirements and some that can crash all the time (assuming the database is growing every day).
        Now what I like very much and played/installed a lot is: Accura. The point is this is an application for medium to medium- large companies. Curently is used by a company with 500 users but there are 10 users companies working also with Accura.
        It is a MIS that can work like this: get a quote based on your workflow ( machines, charges, costs) and customer requirements. When raising a quote you can check in its stock module if you have that material in stock or not. The stock control shows up three coloured buttons on each item: a red shows you are out of stock, the yellow you are on the lower limit and a green- you got enough of that. These lights changes according to what is going on with every stock item. The colour is calculated based on : what you got on the shelf - minus what is going to be used by the running orders next days+ what is going to be delivered in a short while by the supplier.

        Every day you can run a report on what materials you would need for the next week/day/month. The stock module calculates the allocations, the returns from the production room, the imports, etc. SO you keep track on all the materials and never get into the situation where you forgot to order some special ink before mounting the plates on the press. Because the software is poping up a window asking for each material you don't have in stock whne raising an order based on the estimate approved by the customer. So you just click: send an order to our supplier.

        Moreover you get a report on how much of an item was used throughout a period of time and on which jobs. You might find this report useful if you wanna know how the hack you got the stock empty for that item.

        Then you can have a job costing, stock issues and returns, estimates calculated automatically on 5 bands, invoices, CRM, all what you would need to have an eye on what is going on in the production facility.

        If you need more info about this product I would be delighted to assist you.

        write me at


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