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    Hi All

    Im currently assessing our existing MIS and prepress systems. We use Iteba Solprint and prinergy. Im a little concerned that our current MIS Vendor, although is a member of the CIP 4 Commitee, it is not accreditated by CIP4 to the ICS Standards. How important is it for a vendor to be accreditated. I have been looking at other MIS vendors (Tharsterns) and have been very impressed, also they are accreditated. I think iteba with say they can link to anything !!, but can they and if they are not part of the standards how long can they connect until the other vendors (Heidleberg/Prinergy etc) upgrade to the new approved standards.

    Im looking to link up Prinergy (Insite/Storefront) with a mis, to reduce admin time and errors, give better customer service, and using the MIS/JDF/Data Capture information to make informed/accurate decisions on scheduling, pricing and capacity to name but a few.

    This is a huge task, any advice on how to implement effeciently would be great. We currently have to link Accounts, Sales, CSR/Account exec, prepress, print, finishing, digital print (Online products/DirectMail), despatch

    Any guidance on this would be a help......anything!!!.

    Hope this make sense

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    Re: Automation Project

    Hi Dan -

    Before you even start on the adventure of trying to get software/hardware from different venders to communicate, I think you have to take a careful look (IN DETAIL) of what you would like to accomplish.

    IMPORTANT - I am assuming you are a general commercial printer and do a wide variety of work. If you are a specialty printer and only do a few different types of projects, then there are more possibilities for you

    Let me explain with an example of a small piece of the puzzle, Communication between CSR/Estimating and Prepress.

    Lets assume (and this may be a huge assumption) that a job comes in with all the correct specifications and this data is in your MIS/Estimating software. The very best you could hope for is that the MIS would create a JDF file and pick the correct signature templates for your imposition software. Maybe you could even have the JDF pick a correct work flow template with corresponding proofs


    1. Is this really going to save prepress a lot of time?

    2. How often is a 'canned' template and workflow going to work?

    3. How often are the customers files going to be correct and in proper page order?

    4. If the automation does work, do you trust it, or does someone have to go back and check all the files to make sure the output is correct?

    In my opinion, the only place (FOR GENERAL COMMERCIAL PRINTING) that I see JDF playing an important role is in the Ink Key and Press Setup communication between prepress and pressroom. The rest of the shop is more efficient using a job ticket and a good Shop Data Collection System.

    Good Luck ...Wayne


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      Re: Automation Project

      Your prepress systems provider should be able to assist you as far as what MIS will work. One thing to consider is, can your workflow rely information back to our MIS, such as reporting that the job has been imaged to plate etc...

      I invited you to look at the EskoArtwork take on MIS integration to digital workflows,
      These are online viewing movies in 3 parts that may assist you in asking the right questions to both your MIS and digital workflow provider.

      Good luck - peter
      "you never know how the past is going to turn out"


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        Re: Automation Project


        The Issues
        The estimating systems are awful and a lot of Printers are moving over to Speedquote or BightBlue
        If you deal with the PM compnaies they are all looking at systems trying to mimic the Cumminisis on line estimating model
        For JDF to work all the jobs need to be estimated on the MIS system.

        It doesnt quite seem as open as it is made out to be - reveiwing jobs changes as they go through pre press would be good - but I am not sure I want to upgrade my Bindery.

        I think what Kodak are doing with Prinergy is still up in the air - Insite as far as I am concerned has gone no where and corporate clients just wont install Java. - I havent got the "Store"software.

        I have been looking at Switch - which makes pdfs without opening up native files - which I think should be the frfont end of Prindergy.


        If you feel that this is an "industry thing" and are members of the BPIF then let me know - I am Chairmen of the BPIF Technical Standards Committee and would certainly like to discuss this further

        Peter Arnel


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          Re: Automation Project

          Hi All

          Thanks for your replies.

          I honestly think JDF is the way forward for our company, even though it will be years before we have a full JDF workflow. My job is to make sure we have the correct building blocks in place for the future.

          Peter Arnel - we are Members of the BPIF and would certainly like to discuss this further. How do I contact you?


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