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Mylar overlays for diecut Q.C. what is everyone using?? Kongsberg/inkjet?

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  • Mylar overlays for diecut Q.C. what is everyone using?? Kongsberg/inkjet?

    I work for a medium sized packaging company and we currently produce mylar overlays using one of of Kongsberg sample tables to overlay press sheets and proofs to double check diecuts. We recently have explored using inkjet (and old epson 9600) as an alternative to tying up the Kongsberg but have had issues getting sizing to be accurate when printing out of Artios or Laserpoint.

    So I wanted to see what everyone out there is using for their overlays etc.



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    Re: Mylar overlays for diecut Q.C. what is everyone using?? Kongsberg/inkjet?

    we have a zund cad. we "draw" cutters onto a fairly thick tracing paper kind of stuff - this gets mounted onto an old planning foil in the correct position so we can overlay this onto our films (yes film based...for now..) - also we output the same cutters onto film before we output the main job, so we can check varnish free areas etc against what we have received from the cad room as a multi up layout

    you'd be surprised how many little things like cutbacks and flap depths get changed from the one up to the layouts. even ink and varnish free areas change in size sometimes - its a very handy last min check


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      Re: Mylar overlays for diecut Q.C. what is everyone using?? Kongsberg/inkjet?

      Hi 'dub'.

      If I understand your post correctly, then what you are doing (and want to do) is exactly one of the things people use FirstPROOF for. Assuming you're using TIFF files (or have a Harlequin or Esko Flex RIP), you can use FirstPROOF as a final Q.C. tool to check what you RIP before output - since you are checking the actual bitmap data being output, you can easily check that everything is as you want it. As well as a high-performance viewing engine (which allows you to zoom in/out, pan and rotate/flip at high speed), FirstPROOF also has a wide range of powerful tools which allow you to check for various pre-press / printing issues. Both of these combined lead to fast and easy detection of problems, such as those mentioned.

      We have thousands of end users who are using FirstPROOF to proof their jobs before output, all who find they regularly save time and money by catching bad jobs before printing.

      You can find out more about FirstPROOF on our web site, and also download a copy to try out (for 28 days - no forms to fill in either).



      Andy Cave,
      Chief Executive Officer,
      Hamillroad Software Limited.


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        Re: Mylar overlays for diecut Q.C. what is everyone using?? Kongsberg/inkjet?

        We use Policrom LM04 (34"x150') tracing film as overlay to epson sign-off proofs to check all these things. We also draw keyline no print Aq cut areas on the actual job cut back so after glueing, the keylines are hidden which makes for an easier time at press to cut Aq blankets. The tracings are also follow and are used at press and at diecutting to guarantee the work. Saves a bundle in stupid remakes! We also make actual hand creased and folded and glued sign-off mockups from the same data before print.

        Policrom Inc
        1418 Wells Drive Bensalem PA 19020
        215-638-4100 Tel
        215-638-7667 Fax

        You can draw on this grainless engineering film only any sort of plotter, especially one that can distort x or y in order to be perfectly sized.

        Hope this helps,

        John W


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          Re: Mylar overlays for diecut Q.C. what is everyone using?? Kongsberg/inkjet?

          i think dub is asking about die lines as opposed to an imposition proofing solution

          we also make full size mock-ups which are sent to customer for approval - they love something they can look at, touch, and since we have the proofer fingerprinted to our presses, the colour is very good too - so that narrows down any major colour surprises between proof and final job.

          for us here, the cutter guides on foils are a god send - for pre-press as a final check, for press to check varnish free areas and look for board stretch, and for cut and crease to get fit/position (coupled with our full sheet imposition proof with cutters on as well).

          sounds complex - in reality its simple and very affective.


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            Re: Mylar overlays for diecut Q.C. what is everyone using?? Kongsberg/inkjet?

            Our current solution is a little rough around the edges and was also hopping someone had a foolproof method.
            We generate an imposed pdf out of Prinect/signa to a side folder of the knife or foild seperation only. We then open that file in illlustrator and elimiate all the hidden coluor data. This is the dodgy bit as mistakes can easily be made such as removing a mask. Once the clean vector data plus trim marks is remaining we drop that onto a hotfolder to a metadimension that spools the file to an old epson 9600 that is loaded with clear printable film. We use this fild as a qc guide only. The pdf is saved as an eps and sent out electronically to the outside work company that will produce a film/block etc. Our high res imposed epson 9800 contains a knife line in the image that is ignored at plate imaging but appears on proof, We also lay over the film proof and then when the job is returned from client signed off we send the film along with a low res proof to the outside company as a check against what they have produced.
            The down side is the roll of film stretches quite a bit throuth the 9600 proofer. I have tried adjusting the xy co-ordiates but still not happy. Also its a bit of a labourious proccess would like something simpler. Outside work (uv, foil, cutting blocks etc) ought to get their gear up to speed and go imposed digital pdf all the way.
            Any other tips for getting acurate overlay output welcome


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