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  • Prepress workflow presentation

    Has anybody ever done a presentation on prepress workflows? I need to do a presentation to our marketing department that will explain what "Prepress" does. Everything from Flightcheck, color retouching, RIPing and proofing. Im not one that is good at building these types of things.

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    Re: Prepress workflow presentation

    Yea I had to give one a ways back to a bunch of bigwigs as they wanted the people doing the work to do the presentations. It wasn't fun but I got through it.

    Pulled proofs of an item (1-up), also took the hi-res and opened it up in photoshop and made some changes to the file so I could show before and after. Opened a 1-up made edits, showed seps etc.. Opened up a press form and changed items in the layout, again for the before and after thing. Did a quick demo on trapping etc..explained color bars etc.. did a bit on color theory, went into screening briefly then made a plate for them and explained the process. It was pretty basic since they had no printing background.

    It was such an important deal for our plant we rehearsed it 3 times before hand.

    I guess you need to decide what you want to show them, pull the materials together beforehand have every thing opened on your computer so you're not fumbling around and then write a script of what you want to say other wise (if you're like me) you'll be doing a lot of um and ah's.

    p.s. we also hooked a projector up to my computer so I didn't have 20 people sitting on my lap.

    Hope this helps.


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