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Proofing to 60 pound offset

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  • Proofing to 60 pound offset

    OK, as we all know, 7 years ago we went to film. Then, we took that film and created a $250
    matchprint. Then, if there was a 5th color we took a mylar green or orange, burned it, and
    taped in on top of the proof. We then wrote....PMS 312 or whatever.
    Worked just fine.
    NOW, we mostly have Epson 7800's etc. You throw some software in front of it and it
    simulates your paper.
    That is working fine for our coated stock. Unfortunately, we run 80 percent 60 pound
    We have 7800's with the EFI 3.0 color rip in front.
    The question is what paper has anyone had luck using that would simulate 60 pound

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    Re: Proofing to 60 pound offset

    Mid-States Graphics (Proofline brand) has a paper designed for the condition you describe. It's a 230 gram 60# matte inkjet media. It will simulate your sheet nicely. Ideally, you should run the target on press, create your profile for the 60# matte and you'll have a nice proof correctly simulating your press condition when running matte paper.

    I don't know who your dealer is but if they don't carry Proofline let me know and I'll help you find one.
    Bob Hill
    Mid-States Graphics


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