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  • Automated copy check

    Does anyone know of any systems out there than can scan a press sheet and compare it to a stored file to determine if it's correct?

    We looked at one system that would do something like this and I guess we are still evaluating it, would just like to know if theres anything else out there.

    We are looking to eliminate mistakes getting to the press and they want to take the human factor out of proof reading. Really any system that can either scan two proofs and compare them or compare to files and check for differences would be of interest.


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    Re: Automated copy check

    That would be an interesting way of working.

    We're currently evaluating our way of proof/file check system to eliminate errors / gain time. I was checking the forum for any topics on this matter. What's your chain of control/check.

    At our plant:
    Step 1: Files from customers are checked and set ready for press (depending on text corrections different proofs are made)
    Step 2: file is checked before it leaves to customers
    Step 3: step&repeat is made
    Step 4: step&repeat is checked
    Step 5: plates are made
    Step 6: plates are checked
    Step 7: press

    At the beginning of our workflow (step 1&2) there are multiple checks which have proven that they are not full proof. I know nothing is full proof, but it needs to be more efficient.

    What system did you look into?


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      Re: Automated copy check

      I found this company at Graph Expo last year - they may be able to do what you are asking:


      4OverStandard FinishingDuploSmartsoft (Presswise)CanonKBATharsternAvantiXerox

      Presswise Article


      Automated Order Status Tracking
      In PressWise Workflow Solution

      Presswise order status
      Quick overview of the order status tracking feature on PressWise’s automated workflow solution

      Link to Video

      4OverStandard FinishingDuploCanonSmartsoft (Presswise)TharsternKBAAvantiUltimateXerox

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