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  • Imposition question

    How does adding an inch to 1.5" to trim size help when it's time to imposition a final source/PDF file? Does it even help with anything? I'm wondering why all vendors have this minimal of an inch request.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Imposition question

    I think the 1 inch added to the trim size of a page is a standard that has developed over time because you need to make your overall size larger to accommodate bleed, trim marks, color bars and such. That has always been the default size, that I've seen, added to a trim size ever since pages were output 1 up and stripped up on the table.
    Thats my 2 cents!

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      Re: Imposition question

      Hi Whitaker,
      I sorta expected that, we just never had anyone explain the official reasoning behind it.

      Thanks for the answer.


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        Re: Imposition question

        Not to mention that if you don't add 1" to the page size the program automatically adds in enough room if you click on crops and bleeds. Problem is the number ends up being something odd like .389". Then the math impaired like myself have to actually think about the offsets for a job (position of page inside container) and well it's just easier if all the offsets are the same. .5" is easy to remember. .417" is not, nor is it fun to configure 2 page spreads on a perfect bound book with those wacky numbers. I do however have a calculator!!!! Thank goodness.


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