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Yet another 10.5 Question

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  • Yet another 10.5 Question

    Hope I am in the right forum here.
    I have read many (if not all) of the posts concerning 10.5 and production. We are getting brand new Mac Pros in the next few days.
    My hope is to run 10.5 with CS3 and Quark 7.31. I am in direct mail and even if a file is sent in in 6.5 we have had no translation
    issues. FYI - My only reason (so far) for wanting to go to 10.5 is that I do not want to have to do this all over again in 4 months
    when we all go 10.5.3 or so. I am a firm believer in a wiped hard drive before an OS X install.
    So, with that said,
    The question is this: Is anyone out there running 10.5 with CS3, Q7.31, etc and running ok. This also includes
    Acrobat 7 as I am not just that happy with Acrobat 8 as of yet.
    If so, are you on an Intel chip? It just seems that so many of the issues reported are a G5 with PPC.
    Bonus Question: Any Trueflow operators out there running the client on 10.5?

    If this is in the wrong section, please move.


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    Re: Yet another 10.5 Question

    I am running 10.5.1 on an Intel iMac, CS3 along with Acrobat 7 because Acrobat 8 is unusable in it's present state. And Quark 7.31. No more issues than any other setup running Panther/Tiger and CS/CS2/Quark
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      Re: Yet another 10.5 Question

      Thanks. Interesting to hear about Acrobat 8.
      I thought I was the only one.
      Unless I hear differently, I am going to go ahead and give us
      all 10.5 - This WILL make the IT lady go insane.
      She would have us on 10.2 (TRUSTED) if she had her choice.


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        Re: Yet another 10.5 Question

        I have a G5 1.8 Dual PPC with 1.23gb Ram with 10.5.2

        I have running all CS3 applications, including Acrobat 8.0. I use Acrobat Professional 7.0 because of having Pitstop Professional v7.1

        I have not seen any major problems, had to fix font issues on Suitcase Fusion though.

        having bug fixes, will come along in time like ver 10.5.2.


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