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  • OpenType fonts

    I'm having bizarre issues with Opentype fonts in Quark 7.3.1

    OpenType fonts will kern outwards wildly when opened in Quark 7.3.1 I work in a small in-house Prepress department. We are in the same building as the 8 artists who produce our magazines. They "Collect for Output" from Quark and we, in Prepress, open their files and create postscript to distill into PDFX/1a files.

    When an artist uses an OpenType font, it will appear fine on their computer. But when we open it on our prepress machines it will kern wildly and with too much space between each character. I have experimented today in my search for a solution. We are using FONT BOOK for font management. I have created a custom Library in Font Book. I set this as a default library for my newly opened fonts. Font Book opens these fonts from their location. In other words, it doesn't move them into either typical font folder location - Computer/library/fonts or User/library/fonts.

    Finally, I decided to manually move the offending OTF into my Computer/library/fonts folder. Then I restarted Quark 7.3.1, reopened the document, and viola! Now the font displays correctly and will distill correctly.

    My two questions?

    1) Anyone else having this issue?
    2) What other font programs are some of you Mac users having success with?

    We are all on Mac Pro intel machines running Tiger 10.4.11. Quark Xpress 7.3.1, Adobe CS3. Our Art department is using the same software, but are using G5's, not Intels.



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    Re: OpenType fonts

    use this and your life will be much simpler (and it's FREE):

    font book is not a font management software that you want to use a lot, it doesn't really let go of fonts that were activated.

    Suitcase Fusion is okay, but it's pricey and has some problems IMO.


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      Re: OpenType fonts

      One thing it could be, is that in the Quark preferences, under general, you can turn on and off Use Opentype Kerning.
      The preferences between the computers could be diffenent and if using Opentype fonts, kerning could be different if one person has it turned on and the other has it turned off.
      G4 using OS 10.4.11 with Suitcase Fusion 12.0.1.


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        Re: OpenType fonts

        Thanks for the tips!

        David, Font Explorer is working out to be much better for us. thanks for posting!



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