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Densitometer for CMYK printing

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  • Densitometer for CMYK printing

    I am looking for recommendations on a densitometer for a pressman who runs 4 color process jobs. I believe he needs something to verify his color in his color bar are 100%. Anyone have a direction they can point me in as to what to recommend to my boss for him?

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    Re: Densitometer for CMYK printing

    Hi Jake,

    X-Rite makes a pretty good product...

    504 SpectroDensitometer:

    508 SpectroDensitometer:

    Hope this helps!
    Jon :-)


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      Re: Densitometer for CMYK printing

      I am not sure how long densitomers will be around - these little spectro eyes (in uk money about £700) are cheap lock into a pc and the software on the pc sorts your standard out. - it may be worth whille just talking to a GraCol person and see what they use
      << mark u at the moment I also control my density by density and XRite is agood product


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        Re: Densitometer for CMYK printing

        Thanks for the input. I have heard good things about Xrite and will point my boss in that direction. He'll have to make the decision money-wise. Some of them can be a bit pricey but seem like a necessity for good four color process printing.


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          Re: Densitometer for CMYK printing

          Do your pressman a favor and get him a device that he'll actually be able to use and understand. Also get him some information on the importance of gray balance. Measuring solid density alone is NOT sufficient; he'll never see the changes in dot gain or gray balance.

          A spectral instrument on press is over-kill and too much of the wrong information. He needs the simplest possible way to determine if the gray balance, dot gain, and density are within spec. Making it EASY for him to do that will get the device accepted and used, and you'll see a quick return on your boss's money.

          Here's a maintenance-free unit that doesn't even need a charger:

          Larry Goldberg


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