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PDF from Word in RGB with text in a screen and the screen knocking out

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  • PDF from Word in RGB with text in a screen and the screen knocking out

    Anyone seen this:

    PDF file supplied from Word in RGB. There is a header at the top of each page with text in a box containing a screen. 2 lines of type. Same type style, one bold, one not. MyriadWebPro is the font. If I click on the text in Acrobat, I see that there are actually 4 truncated boxes creating the one large box containing the type. Each line of type is attached to one of the boxes. When sent to our Harlequin RIP composite, the text box containing the bold version of the font drops out the screen. Everything else is fine. I cannot see any difference at all except for the font.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: PDF from Word in RGB with text in a screen and the screen knocking out

    You'd really need to provide the PDF for us to look at...

    Anything else is just a WAG....



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      pitstop proffessional

      I'd suggest using enfocus pit stop proffessional - you will be able to make batch changes to text, fonts, colours from rgb to cmyk or anything else you want within pdfs...


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        Originally posted by scottvaughan View Post
        MyriadWebPro is the font.
        I don't feel confident with the use of Web fonts in DTP...

        (OK, OK, using Word is not real DTP )

        I cannot see any difference at all except for the font.
        With Word, many titles and headers or strange effects are made with the "WordArt" feature...

        ... and sometimes a text line that seems to be "normal" text, is in fact a "WordArt" picture...
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          PitStop can do this, but Callas pdfToolbox does it much more elegantly. Here are a few videos that show the differences. They're a bit rough and not all have sound but you will get the point. If you have any questions please let me know, no pressure.

          Tutorial videos
          Matt Beals
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            PDFs from word


            I feel your pain over the PDf document created from a word file. I worked for a custom file folder manufacturer in their art department for almost 3 years. The guys who work in shops where their bosses saw the light and bought the tool boxes to fix the broken garbage customers send in are the fortunate ones.

            When we would get something like that what we had to do was to print the PDF file that the customer sent us. Then because of a service provider, we would have to convert the PDF (former word file) into an Illustrator file. For the most part this would work, except for missing fonts. One thing I found when doing this sort of conversion were the clipping paths generated. Each object created in the original word file was actually linked to the page size of the original file. So in order to change the color space (RGB to CYMK) of each and every object in the file, you had to eliminate each clipping path that was the original page size, which was time consuming. The same thing would be the case for resizing to fit within the folder sample that the customer had chosen if the art work was larger than the folder they had chosen.

            We didn't have Pit Stop Pro, nor any other software other than the Standard Creative suite CS3. And every PDF had to be converted this way because our one major service provider, who provided us with our Flexo mats would not accept any PDF files, nor word files, nor quark files, only Illustrator, .eps, or freehand.
            Nor did we have an image setter in house, so all of in house negatives were shot on this old vertical Kodak camera. Anyone for coloring in the Pin holes?

            If we weren't able to create the AI file from the PDF file, what we had to do was to scan the printout of the customer's artwork, place the scan into Illustrator and then typeset the customer's artwork. I know this wasn't cost effective, but that was how it was done.

            If you actually have the fonts that the customer used on their artwork, that is a major part of the battle to replicate their artwork.

            I've been laid off from the place I mentioned above, because they were slow. Hopefully I will be back to work in the near future.

            I doubt if I've helped very much but hope I've given a glimpse to a way to fix your customer's artwork.

            Bill J


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