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Laptop Keyboard keeps having issues

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  • Laptop Keyboard keeps having issues

    I have a Dell Laptop that from time to time (pretty often) has the keys on the keyboard stop working or the wrong letters come out or both. I have had this before on another laptop and I reinstalled the keyboard drivers which fixed the problem. Now that I have it again on this Dell Laptop I originally did the same fix and it worked for about a week then it reoccurred and now the reinstall of the drivers won't fix it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I do not have any ot the original system disks as this was a hand me down computer.



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    Re: Laptop Keyboard keeps having issues

    try plugin in a desktop keyboard ps2 or usb as needed. see what happens.


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      Re: Laptop Keyboard keeps having issues

      I had the same problem a while back. I finally called DELL, and they sent me a new keyboard. I installed it and everything has been working great ever since.

      When I removed my old keyboard, I could see that there was a lot of gunk (dust & some animal hair) stuck between the keyboard protective cover and the keys. I was informed by the DELL technician that instead of compressed air to clean my keyboard, use the brush tool attached to a vacuum.

      Apparently the compressed air actually forces minute particles and foriegn objects deeper into the keyboard, as was apparent when I removed the old one.

      Just a thought.


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