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  • JDF Work flow?

    I work in a medium size shop in prepress. Only have one shift. Could some one explain briefly the JDF Work flow. And what benefits it would have for a shop this size? If any.

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    Re: JDF Work flow?

    Maybe this may help:



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      Re: JDF Work flow?

      Give this link a shot as well. It explains some of what EskoArtwork is doing with JDF (Job Definition Format) workflow.
      Online movies in three parts;

      And for a overview and examples of companies that have implemented its use ;

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        Re: JDF Work flow?

        Esko JDF is good but it's v expensive


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          Re: JDF Work flow?

          Unless you have an MIS system that can send jdf instructuons - I am not sure it has much relevance at the moment.

          I have seen demonstrations of a job estimated in a MIS system, a new job created with the filepath and the pdf artwork in - - the MIS system then sends an jdfxml message to Prinergy and it will set the file up in Prinergy, pre flight it, impose it and plate it.
          It will only work for pdf at the moment.
          I deal sometimes with 50 jobs a day so we are looking at it.
          It can also send messages to set your presses, folders guilotines and stitchling line up - But I need to replace alot of kit to do it - so that will be on the back boiler.

          Hope that helps



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            Re: JDF Work flow?

            I read the answers you've got on your question but I feel none of them is really useful to you even so all of them are right.
            JDF = Job Description Format is not a software or a workflow. Its created to build a cross-platform tool for automating workflows. The scripts will be written in XML. Today's software in the printing industry should be XML enabled and with some small scripts you can start an automated process from file receiving to file checking or creating print ready PDF files.
            JDF was meant to be also cross-platform between the different vendors but unfortunately its not.
            Check your software from file receiving to preflighting, color management, proofing, imposition and ripping and see if they are JDF enabled. Then talk to your dealers how to automate the file transfer. Its a big challenge and when it works you did something great.

            Good luck,


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              Re: JDF Work flow?

              The first place to start would be with what you have already?

              JDF is an enabling technology that is still in development and definition. It can and does work in some situations. But for the most part today it's not for the faint at hear or someone who is light in the wallet. In other words, most solutions are based on a much bigger workflow and therefore require more money and integration.

              In the long run, JDF will be a real time saver for shops of about any size. In the ideal situation you'd be able to estimate, plan and prepare most of your jobs when they come into your plant and JDF can help communicate production decisions downstream making the next step automated or easier. With a MIS solution wrapped around your workflow, eventually you'll even get feedback as to how your jobs are running compared to how they were quoted. But for the most part this is all still a ways away.

              I think you'll start seeing more cost effective uses of JDF in the coming year even, but probably the best thing you could do now to help your production is to really look at what you're doing today and see if there is any simple and cost effective tools that could help you improve the workflow you have. If you base your workflow on PDF, you'll be set for the future... this way when the tools get more in line with your budget, you'll be ready to adopt and change.

              I hope this was helpful. :-)


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