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Could use a little help with my Dolev 400

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  • Could use a little help with my Dolev 400

    Here is my little nightmare. We have computer to plate system going in next month. I have 3 (plus a 4th i just bought for parts) Scitex Dolev 400s. Apparentely, they sense their imminent replacement and are breaking down left and right. At the moment I am down to 1 working unit.

    Our Scitex guys know of our impending change and support has just dried up.

    So here is the deal. My next best Imagesetter was working fine until yesterday when it just died in the middle of the job. It just gives me a "Carriage Timeout error"

    I swapped out the stepper motor, Nothing. Replaced both carriage sensors. Swapped out the Dolev Detectors board. Checked all the fused on the power supply. Nothing Nothing Nothing.

    It is like the stepper motor is just not getting any power and I am at a loss to figure out what else to check or replace. And my scitek guys are being less than responsive.

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Could use a little help with my Dolev 400

    I think that was a simple error that it lost it's home starting position by either a spike or software blip. Do you have the book? Scroll through the diag and see if you can manually make the spinner move left or right. If it works from diag, then it's firmware, not hardware.



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      Re: Could use a little help with my Dolev 400

      its along time since I had a 400 - I know used to get errors like this - but I am not sure whther it was on the 800's. It was to do with the cable - frrom the laser head. We had to replace it and then they modifed it.


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        Re: Could use a little help with my Dolev 400


        I believe that's it. I remember replacing the cable at one time. I don't remember the error. It's been at least 7 years and 25 minutes!



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