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Leopard with Dalim workflow

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  • Leopard with Dalim workflow

    We just introduced new G5's loaded up with Leopard, into our Prepress department.
    We upgraded them with the 10.5.2 OS patch to fix allot of issues we were having otherwise.

    The one thing however, is utilizing our Web interface with Dalim is not functioning. Using Safari, we cannot upload a file to Dalim. The drop down widow options opens up when you click on a page in Dalim, but when yo try and select upload a file, nothing happens.

    I assume this is more than likley a Java issue. We do not have this issue using Tiger on our Macs. Just with our Mac's using Leopard. Just curious if anyone else out there using Dalim work fllow is having the same issues, and how did they get around this. Also curious if it were at all possible to back save into an earlier version of Java, if this were to solve issue.

    Steve Lehning

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    Re: Leopard with Dalim workflow

    Have you tried uploading through firefox? I am currently on Tiger but upload through hot folders and dalim through Firefox.


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