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Unreadable (Foreign) fonts

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  • Unreadable (Foreign) fonts


    we have had problems with some pdf that was supplied by our web customer. They use IDCS2 to build and certain columns (Text) get jumbled fonts. Fonts are undreadable.

    What is troubling is the fact that if I dropped them(PDF) in our hot folder to be ripped by our imagesetter, the same type of texts columns are unreadable but if I put the same page (PDF) in IDCS and output to imagesetter it comes out fine.

    What is the difference here, does the rip handles subsetted fonts differently? Do I need an font folder on the rip?

    g5 1.8 dual PPC/Quark 6.54;InDesign CS, CS3;Photoshop CS3;Acrobat Professionl 7.0 with Pitstop v7.0

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    Re: Unreadable (Foreign) fonts

    Just let me try evaluating your problem. You received a PDF file containing foreign letter types which you cannot process.
    If the font is not embedded in the file - just forget it. If you can open the file on your desktop and you can see the foreign font, that's a good sign. At least there is hope.
    How does it work?
    When you open a PDF file, no matter in your computer or in the RIP, the system will check if the font is embedded in the PDF. If it is like that, you can open the file and you can rip the file. If the font is not embedded the system will check your font library. If the font is there its o.k. The file will open. If the font is not available the system will choose a substitute font that might look at your foreign font but its not.
    If you can open the file on your desktop and the font is o.k. try to rewrite the file for PDF output and outline the text.
    The last option is asking your supplier to send you the foreign font.


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      Re: Unreadable (Foreign) fonts

      Thanks Gerhard

      well, the fonts are embedded which adds to the complexity of the problem. I think it is a font that an publisher uses on his pc on publisher (MS). it may lack some of the encoding or components.

      I do have pitstop and I have it setup to for action to outline these fonts. Luckily, it is the same page every week, so there is no guesswork.

      So I already had a plan ahead of time to fix these issues




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        Re: Unreadable (Foreign) fonts

        Could you be talking about CID fonts? These fonts have a larger character library than normal fonts. Many rips have issues with these. If this is the problem then you would need to have software that can convert CID fonts to a simple format. We are a Artworks customer and our Odystar does it for us.


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