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  • Scatter proof solutions

    I'm looking for a way to automate the creation of scatter proofs of image files. The images would need to be placed on a page at 100%, automatically laid out so that as many fit on the page as possible, adding new pages as needed, and then each page could be exported to a TIFF, PDF, etc for output on various devices.

    For anyone familiar with it, there is a Contact Sheet script included with Adobe Bridge that does something similar and works with InDesign. The only drawback is that the images are placed in a predefined grid. Therefore images are generally scalled down to fit the grid parameters.

    Does anyone know if there are any stand-alone apps, InDesign/Quark scripts or plug-ins that can accomplish this type of thing?

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    Re: Scatter proof solutions

    I used to use a Quark plug-in named Auto Lay-Up that would accomplish what you want. It's been awhile since I used it, try this:


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      Re: Scatter proof solutions

      You could take a look at Qimage. A lot of photographers use it for laying out multiple files to send to an inkjet. Normally you would just output to the driver but you can output a file as well. Not as slick as a plugin designed to do what you want but it works pretty well and it is inexpensive.


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        Re: Scatter proof solutions

        If you already have Preps 5 Pro you can use Preps Ganging which came out, I believe, in Preps 5.3. It's a free upgrade from any version of Preps 5 though.
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          Re: Scatter proof solutions

          If you need a stand alone application, driven by hot folders, try our Impostrip Ganging solution. You can download a full 5 days version at

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