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Can I print a 4/C + 1 Spot PDF with the spot turned off?

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  • Can I print a 4/C + 1 Spot PDF with the spot turned off?

    I apologize if this question has been addressed in the past, but I haven't been able to find this topic posted here anywhere. If you work at a printer, then the answer is pretty simple, I'm sure, but I'm at a small prepress department and we just have the basics. Mac OS + Adobe CS1 + Fiery printers.

    Is there a way to just turn a spot color off in Acrobat perhaps? It's simple enough to do it in Separation Preview, but why can't I simply do the same when I print? I've tried going to the Advanced Options and turning the spot channel off, but it still prints with the spot color. I've even set up PitStop to convert the spot color to white. This works, but I don't want to alter the PDF. I just want to print it with the spot color set to not print. The spot color is set to overprint btw.

    Do I just need to by a better RIP for the printers? Help!

    (First post for this newb on the forums. Take it easy on me!)

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    Re: Can I print a 4/C + 1 Spot PDF with the spot turned off?

    In the print dialog box, select advanced, then change the output to in-RIP separations. You should then be able to turn off the spot ink in the window with the ink list by clicking on the printer icon next to the ink.


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      Re: Can I print a 4/C + 1 Spot PDF with the spot turned off?

      I don't know what version of Acrobat you are using, but Acrobat 7 and later
      support the ability to print according to the settings of Output Preview.
      Just turn off the spot you don't wish to see - then Print, choose Advanced,
      and click the "Apply Output Preview Settings" checkbox.



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        Re: Can I print a 4/C + 1 Spot PDF with the spot turned off?

        The "apply output preview settings" is used for color management. If this is selected, Acrobat will change the color values so that the color on the output device matches the color appearance in the simulation profile space selected in the output preview window. I'm not sure if it is the same as tagging all CMYK objects with the simulation space, or if it is simulating the result of another conversion (matching a match). In other words, making the output color match the result of converting the source space to the simulation space in the output space versus using the simulation space as the source space. I just tested this with a PDF with spot colors and it converted all spots to process wether they were turned on in the output preview window or not.


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