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Advice needed on Artpro please :)

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  • Advice needed on Artpro please :)

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but found you on the net after searching for some info on Artpro and you look like just the kind of people that can answer my questions!

    I work at a graphic design company and we have been doing some packaging work for one of our clients and their printer has requested Artpro files. I am relatively inexperienced in the packaging field but have only ever been asked to supply Illustrator files before for labels and packs.

    Please can someone explain exactly what Artpro does and if it is possible to easily convert Illustrator or Freehand files to Artpro, or does the artwork need to be created from scratch in Artpro. We've already created artwork in Illustrator. The printer is saying that their other company needs to do the artwork files as it must be in this format but don't know if they are just trying to nick the work off us!

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Advice needed on Artpro please

    Artpro is a app like illustrator but made specific towards packaging.

    You can easily import Illustrator files into artpro as long as you save the file PDF compatible. Getting your artpro file into illustrator works just fine if you export a hires pdf from artpro and open that pdf in illustrator.
    Getting a freehand file into artpro is not such a great thing if you ask me. To my knowledge you have to make an EPS from your freehand file and then import it into artpro. We tend to get some color/flattening issues from freehand files.

    I find it is best to make your design in illustrator / indesign; export it to PDF and import that in artpro to apply trapping / screening / ...

    Unfortunate thing about artpro is the cost. Not something one gets for home use if you ask me...


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      Re: Advice needed on Artpro please

      Thanks for the info Kristof. That was very helpful to us, and enabled me to speak to the printer without sounding a complete idiot! They have since conceded that we can supply them Illustrator files so problem solved.

      Thanks again


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