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how do i create a network hot folder for printing?

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  • how do i create a network hot folder for printing?

    how do i create a network hot folder for printing to my docucolor250 with a fiery rip on the front. I want to be able to drop pdf files in a folder on the server and have the files automaticly print. I have gone through some of the documentation that came with the printer and I cant find any info on how to do this.

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    Re: how do i create a network hot folder for printing?

    I've done it but have yet to get any use out of it.

    1st question, where do you want it - my thought was on the Fiery Server so the image would be moved in smallest format to there speeding network transfer.

    If your Fiery came with hot folders it probably came FACI video included - this simply means you can actually hook a monitor and keyboard to it. - Cool, file manipulation standing by the copier.

    If you like that idea or already have the monitor - a side issue is to download the Video drivers from the Xerox site so your monitor can be configured to 1280 x 1024, 32 bit color. Then again you might find it slows the system, choice is yours.

    If downloading the video driver from support there are also some important patches for preventing scanner mail box corruption etc. you may want to download and install at same time.

    Okay so the Fiery comes configured with a partitioned hard drive - 3 partitions

    C: \ no space - setup files

    d:\ programs

    e:\ Fiery job files\ most space

    Using Windows Explorer not Internet explorer create a memorable directory name such as E:\hotfiles

    Right click on folder and go to Properties then sharing and allow it to share on the network.

    On the Fiery is the Hot Files configuration program which alternatively is on one of your CD's if doing this on a separate server.

    Now I am at home, so if my memory is correct you create folders within the shared folder using names like 2up11x17 , 20upBusinessCards etc. Then you start the configuration program and find those folders and are given options for enabling them as hotfolders. Not the main folder but each one within the main folder.

    If I recall you can also specify a file queue on a Fiery server - if local you can probably get by with which I think is the default it will find if no setup is done. Or if you've set a IP address you could configure manually.

    I suggest sending anything to a Hold Queue to begin with to see if its functioning as you would expect.

    We had a bit of trouble with faulty install disks on our EFI 250 RIP- looked to install perfect but no coated paper profiles. Consequently we've gone through 3 re-installs always wiping my previous work in progress. The last time seems to have fixed it. Xerox cloned a known good system and also provided replacement disks.

    The reason I haven't been thrilled by the Hot Folders. Recently I had some landscape and portrait 24x36 maps to fit to 11x17. Yes it was possible but if done from Adobe Reader it automatically rotates. If done to the hotfolders it only did the physical direction - no auto rotation. I had hoped to drag a entire folder of files in but ended up doing each individually. I think I might have been able to right click on files and tell to print and be further ahead. I sent something to a Xerox support specialist but received no reply.

    Still I will be watching for discussion in case one can get these to work better. There is no decent manual for these.

    Ken Graham
    Dawson Creek BC Canada

    Edited by: Ken Graham on Mar 5, 2008 1:25 AM


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      i am also in this situation ... i have an agfa 800 imagesetter, with harlequin 5.5 rip a dongle and a mac 9.0.. having problems to send print on agfa ... already installed on my pc .prg called pc mclan and i have seen the mac on my pc through the network hub... but its asking me for password which i don't have ... what should i do ... i was advised to setup a hot folder but i am not mac friendly so can anyone willing to help me


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