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Dinov,umm...I mean Dolev help please.

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  • Dinov,umm...I mean Dolev help please.

    After researching through old threads, I have come to the conclusion that my Dolev 200 still has a chance. I read where the laser just goes and doesn't die a slow death and that maybe the filter could be changed out to increase the intensity or possibly there is dirt on one of two accessible lenses? I have cleaned the 2 lenses and the filter, with a photgraphic lens cleaning cloth and am wondering where I look for changing out the filters. I don't see any designation on the laser, optic unit, or assembly anywhere and don't want to run the laser "straight" through at 100%. Anybody out there want to admit to using one or all of these fixes? Thanks for any direction.

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    Re: Dinov,umm...I mean Dolev help please.

    I haven't touched a Dolev in a few years but the is an adjustment that can be made via the PSM software to increase the laser intensity. Have you tried that?


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      Re: Dinov,umm...I mean Dolev help please.

      I am not familiar enough with the software (I'm assuming you're talking about the firmware and not the RIP) We are using a new version of Harlequin to drive the Dolev and I didn't see any useful adjustments in there. Our Dolev is now throwing another fault; warning, laser bean on. Well DUH!! but we can't get past that error code most of the time. I outputted film today about ever other time I tried, so who knows.
      Thanks for your help.


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        Dolev down...

        The Dolev that still had a chance, has officially died. The laser has died (at lease we think that's what happened), and we are looking for someone who can service it. We cannot afford to purchase anything to replace it, and would like to get it fixed if possible. We are in the South Central Pennsylvania area, anyone know of any companies that are capable of repair on this machine??


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          You can give these guys a try All Systems Go

          I have no affiliation or experience with them.



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            Try Mike Berger
            He is out of Baltimore area.


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