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  • Gracol G7 - SWOP

    This question might be asked before, but I would like to get some more idea and information on it, what's the main difference between Gracol G7 and SWOP specifications. we have to produce some catalog-brochure work. as a prepress point of view, do we need to tag our photoshop images with US SWOP coated V2 profile or some other profile which best suited to hi-end catalog printing.
    Please give me some detailed information on this topic.

    thanks all..

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    Re: Gracol G7 - SWOP

    in brief...

    GRACoL = sheetfed, coated #1 stock (typical higher densities, higher ink limits)
    SWOP = Web, coated #3/5 stock

    USWebCoatedSWOPv2 is a profile based off TR001 presds data circa 1995. Updated characterization data sets and profiles are available from Gracol and SWOP, and these might be more fitting towards today's high-end catalog printing

    G7 is a methodology for press calibration and can be implemented for both Gracol or SWOP, or many other processes.

    Visit for more info...


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      Re: Gracol G7 - SWOP

      GRACOL is aimed more at sheetfed, better colour reproduction, SWOP is a pretty loose gamut web press standard, any sheetfed printer will get SWOP standards with there eyes closed, these standards are basically introduced to keep colours within a acceptable range across the industry.

      There is another one in Australia called 3DAP, a waste of money to try and be "approved" to there standards, the thing is, they dont really have any standards, as long as you keep your plates linerarized and your dot gain within the acceptable range, there is not a problem, these standards are nothing more than scare tactics.

      The main point of these standards Is to get the proof matching the print, its not rocket science, and anyone with a raster proofing rip and spectrophotometer can easily achieve this.


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        Re: Gracol G7 - SWOP

        Gracol7 as mentioned is a printing standard for sheetfed printing on #1 paper.

        SWOP as mentioned is a printing standard for web printing on #5 & #3 papers.

        A SWOP proof does meet the requirement for G7 (not Gracol 7) gray balanced proofing.

        Either standard is fairly easy to implement in pre-press, but Gracol 7 is MUCH more difficult to implement and maintain in the pressroom than SWOP.

        Regardless of which standard you proof to, it is critical that your press can match the standard with the plates you are providing. It is very unlikely that you will be able to match Gracol7 without some compensation curve in your plates. If your presses are printing well and you have a good ink set, it is likely that you can run to SWOP with linear plates.


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