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FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

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  • FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

    Any opinions on which is better?

    Pros and Cons?

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    Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

    Linotype Font Explorer

    Pro: FREE!

    Pro: Font tools are excellent.

    Pro: Did I mention it's FREE?

    Cons: None that I have found.
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      Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

      We use Suitcase Fusion here. I've tried to use Font Explorer, but I'd gladly pay for Fusion's cleaner easier to use interface


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        Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

        Been using font agent since it came out. I love it personally. I used suitcase back in OS 10.2, but didnt like it. Seemed like i was constantly having trouble, but cant remember what exactly.

        The new version of font agent also has a feature during auto activation where you can select the missing font by version and foundry. Pretty neat.


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          Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

          We are Suitcase Fusion users here, got it installed on all the macs...

          had so much trouble with fonts not loading (especially with Quark 7), we switched to Linotype Font Explorer and it works great.

          and as was mentioned before...

          IT'S FREE!


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            Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

            Well I put in a request for the FontAgent Pro Server 30 Day Demo. Now I've never used a font "Server" and I never heard any GOOD things about them. I kinda see it like using a Pre-Flight program, your just better off doing it by hand (so to speak) but I'm gonna check it out at least.

            But in the mean time I'm downloading the Free Linotype Font Explorer right now and I'll give that a whack too! Thanks for the heads up on it.

            Anybody ever use a font Server?

            Good Idea or Not?

            Thanks for the replies!


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              Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

              Font agent for us had outweighed Suitcase on most things, but we have several hardcore suitcase users that swear it's better.

              If you are heavy Quark it would go with FontAgent.

              let us know how the free one plays out. Might have to download that and try it myself.



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                Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

                Font Agent Pro and Suitcase Fusion operate in completely different ways and for different users.

                I find that Suitcase works better for printers and Font Agent Pro works better for designers. That being said I like Font Agent Pro for organizing and fixing font problems, but then I load the fonts into Suitcase. I am also using Suitcase X1 not Suitcase Fusion. Suitcase X1 also allows me to manage fonts for Classic which none of the other font management softwares allow that.

                Suitcase allows you to load fonts from any where and will not copy the fonts to your local hard drive. What I mean by this is, I can load fonts from a Mounted Server into Suitcase and the fonts stay on the Server but not copied to my computer. If they are copied to my computer, they get deleted without my knowledge.

                Font Agent Pro I feel is great for designers because it keeps all of the fonts organized and all in one place. This is something, that as printers we can't do because we have so many clients with different versions of fonts. Granted you can work around Font Agents limitations here, but I don't like workarounds.


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                  Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

                  Brian, you bring up a very good point there.

                  And I noticed with Font Explorer X you have the option to either copy or move the fonts you load.

                  Which I'm thinking I don't like.

                  I am however still waiting to see if I can get the 30 day Demo of Font Agent Pro Server. The boss wants me to check that out.

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                    Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

                    I have used Font Reserve Server since late 2003. I would NEVER own another font program again in my life.
                    We get in multiple .sit files. We combine the art and Quark / INDD files. However, we just put all of the font folder into one FONT folder
                    ie, (BRE_Fonts, Outer_Fonts, Letter_Fonts, etc). Then, I drag the whole FONTS folder onto FRS. It sorts them out and I turn them on.
                    If they are all blue then everybody in my mac area now has access to the fonts that I preflighted the job with.
                    (Note, easiest way to do this is to make EVERYBODY an admin. Otherwise you have to manually "share" each folder).
                    The greatest thing is that you have access to all of the fonts from the past. I can look for a font from 2003 and voila, there it is.
                    I know that sooner or later I will have to go to Fusion or Fusion Server. Until that happens they can pry FRS from my dead cold hands.


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                      Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

                      I had Font Explorer catalog my fonts without moving
                      them anywhere. In a no font server situation it works


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                        Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

                        Linotype Font Explorer gets my vote especially if you need 15 copies of the software. I used to use Suitcase.


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                          Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

                          Just get Font Explorer, no argument . You'd pay money for it, don't have to!

                          Download from here:



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                            Re: FontAgent Pro vs Suitcase Fusion?

                            Oh, and here's a good "How To"



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