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  • De-Imposition

    Does anyone have any recommendation for automating the de-imposition of PDF files?

    We regularly get PDFs in printer's spreads that are either done incorrectly or require that additional pages be added so that the spreads need to be broken out into single pages and re-imposed (pretty free and easy with the fake words, huh?) correctly.

    At this point I'm doing the work manually, but as we add more automation to the mix I'm looking at a software solution (automated or not). I've seen ImpoStrip has a module that allows for the de-imposition of spreads ($$$$), but our imposition needs are fairly simple and it would be hard to justify that kind of expenditure (we currently use Quite Imposing for booklet creation).

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Re: De-Imposition

    Accurate de-imposition requires a farely complex algorythm. Impostrip Proof and Repurposing is a solution that is meant to create an automatic workflow where offset jobs (even Preps jobs) can be de-impose to duplex, to do a short run on a digital press or printer.

    To our knowledge, there are only a few other solutions on the market, which are all part of expensive workflow solutions.

    Impostrip Proof and Repurposing is very affortable if you have the need.

    A free 5 days full working version is available to download at

    Ray Duval
    Ultimate Technographics Inc.


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      Re: De-Imposition

      Probably not what you're looking for, but

      You can place multiple PDFs into InDesign. You can also script the placement of PDFs, if the size and position remain consistent.

      Once placed, I've been working with a plug-in for InDesign from Zevrix called BatchOutput. You can export pages, spreads or entire files to PDF, PS, EPS or JPEG. For example, I had to export page 1 of 120 files to PDF. Pop in the parameters and away it goes.

      Might be an option for you, and it's only a hundred bucks.


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        Re: De-Imposition

        I guess I should have been more specific - we're working for the most part in Windows, and consider ourselves lucky to get to work in InDesign! Regardless, i'll give the Zervix plug-in a shot as we do have several Macs.

        I've also downloaded the demo of Ultimate's Proof and Repurposing addition to Impostrip, but haven't had the opportunity to go through the shakedown process yet.

        Thanks for the quick replies!



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          Re: De-Imposition

          It's simple, just have your customers stop doing their workflow in spreads.

          I know, you think that it's not an option, but you would be suprised how many of them want to supply the files correctly and will actually thank you for the correct information on how to set up their files. I have found that at least 90% of my customers don't want to be the "problem child" on file processing. It doesn't take much to let the customer know what their image area and final trim are. And even if they are one of those customers who take the "It worked at my last printer" stances, you can then baffle them with BS by "explaining" the differences between workflows among different shops...which is actually true, so you don't have to risk bad karma.


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            Re: De-Imposition

            Unfortunately, it's not a matter of asking a customer, as these are existing files that are being updated or repurposed. They're items that worked fine the last go 'round that are having new pages added or deleted, and the single page version of the file doesn't really exist anymore.

            I certainly wouldn't hesitate to ask a customer to save themselves time and money - that's the sort of thing everyone appreciates!


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              Re: De-Imposition

              To de-impose use the Shuffle Pages feature of Quite Imposing and then appropriately crop the shuffled file.

              For instance:
              An original file of 16 pages has been imposed for saddle stitching. Shuffle the eight pages in this order -- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Crop the odd pages in the shuffled file 8.5" left, crop the even pages 8.5" right. Your imposed file is de-imposed.

              For cut stack and perfect bound impositions use the same steps but with different shuffling order, different cropping and possibly rotating pages 180 and then back again.


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