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  • Which External HD?

    Hi, apparently our Esko Server is on it's way out, Esko tech support told me the orange blinking light is a BIG problem and should be replaced, which is something else we're looking into...

    In the meantime we have to backup a LOT of files off of the Esko.

    In a previous thread...

    Don Isbell posted this...just format an external FW HD as Mac format...

    Okay so my question is this, which HD should I get? I'm thinking 500GB should be plenty.

    Also is it as easy as it sounds? Just plug and play a Mac formatted HD to our Esko Server and we're good to go?

    Thanks for any Help!!

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    Re: Which External HD?

    I use a Lacie external hard drive, 500GB unit I think it was under $200. I put all of our imaged art on it, USB plug and play!

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      Re: Which External HD?

      > {quote:title=kdec_2 wrote:}{quote}
      > Also is it as easy as it sounds? Just plug and play a Mac formatted HD to our Esko Server and we're good to go?
      > Thanks for any Help!!

      Is your Esko Server a PC or Mac? If it's PC it more than likely won't read a Mac formatted disk. You would probably need to format it on the Esko Server to the same format it uses.
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        Re: Which External HD?

        If you format it as FAT32, both PC and Mac can read/write to it. However, FAT32 cannot deal with any single files bigger than 2GB.



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          Re: Which External HD?

          Thanks for the replies / advice. We ordered an 500GB external from Staples and it showed up trashed. Maybe Jim Carry from the opening scene of Ace Ventura was the guy who delivered it, ha!

          Anyways, we are getting another one and I guess I'm not going to worry about formatting it for the Mac, as long as we connect via cifs: from the Mac side we should be okay.

          Thanks Again!

          oh yeah... Apparently the blinking orange light on the Esko (in our case) meant one of our memory strips went bad. Had remote Dell support log on and figured it out. And they are actually coming in to replace the motherboard too! Whoa! What service!

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