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    Is there anybody who takes into account the varnish when dealing with TAC. In theory that would mean that you could only put down 240% ink with a varnish on top to give 340% Max, i know this would be unreasonable to do but does anybody take the extra layer into account. We have issues with pre press sending out 4colour black text and blocks and our manager insists we seal everything from gloss to uncoated, giving us set off issues. I have spoken to pre press and there reluctant to give any info, does any body know if you can select TAC when the job is at the rip stage. We run the basic Trueflow rip if this helps.


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    Re: TAC

    Paul we certainly dont - I would think it would weaken the colour too much - keep setting the jobs off that should sort pre press out



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      Re: TAC

      First of all, 240 TAC for CMYK sounds good for Newspaper production. For commercial jobs TAC should be higher.
      Second, varnishing is not taken into account with TAC. It is definitely an extra process.
      Third, why are you printing black text in CMYK? There is something wrong with your conversion from RGB to CMYK. After converting RGB text to CMYK your Prepress has to change the ink setting to black text only. There are tools available to do this automatically.


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        Re: TAC

        Dear Sir/Madam,

        I will be on vacation on the 3rd April for one day.

        If you have an urgent issue or query (support or sales), please email or as appropriate.

        In case of an emergency, please do feel free to contact me on my mobile.

        Best Regards,


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        Chief Executive Officer,
        Hamillroad Software Limited.
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          Re: TAC

          > {quote:title=Paultheprinter wrote:}{quote}
          > Is there anybody who takes into account the varnish when dealing with TAC.


          > {quote:title=Paultheprinter wrote:}{quote}
          > I have spoken to pre press and there reluctant to give any info, does any body know if you can select TAC when the job is at the rip stage. We run the basic Trueflow rip if this helps.

          Not exactly. All this is determined upstream of the RIP generally. But, TrueFlow does have color management capability, so you might be able to exercise some RIP trickery. I've been playing with ICC profiles built from the same measurement data, but built to different TACs. I've had good results so far.

          The other thing in your favor is that TrueFlow has a switch to protect black text. I never played with the color management on the TrueFlow RIP, so I can't speak to the quality of the color transforms.

          It's just a theory, but...



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            Re: TAC

            Thanks for the info, i know the question is a bit of a no brainer but sometimes its best to ask the stupid question and then see where you are. I guess that there was a hint of sarcasm Peter in that post so i will explain that some jobs we get are supplied with text as four colour pictures, this is what i am told . And because of this we get 400% coverage on certain jobs plus machine varnish which gives us set off issues, when i talk to pre press about this thay say its not there fault. My manager asks us why were setting off jobs and he shakes his head at us and thinks its our fault, i run some jobs with the spray on 55% in small lifts and still they catch in small areas, ive switched from a 1.5 micron spray to a 2.3 but this only helps a little. we regulary get blocks of image that are 100 c,m,y and k and its sometimes from edge to edge. Ive told my manager that you should only run up to 340% TAC but when he asks pre press they dont even know what TAC is. I asked the question to see if anybody drops the TAC when varnishing maby to 300-320 in line to reduce the film thickness and increase drying.



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              Re: TAC

              unless there is a good reason to run 100 % on each color, they should correct this. rich black does not need 100 % CMY they should be able to cut that back to 30% cmy or something less than 60% each.

              you could run the job one color at a time and that would stop the set off.


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                Re: TAC

                You seem like a good pressman Paul. Proper color management helps us out a lot when we print coated stocks on our Non-heatset web.

                These jobs are all in-house and we get away with a lot of marking and set off that you normally wouldn't but with proper color management applied the set off and marking is very minimal.

                I just use standard SWOP profiles mostly but sometimes I will lower the TAC with a profile I built with Photoshop if we have a heavy coverage job that runs on coated stock on our web press. Maybe I'm wrong about this because I don't have anybody standing over me but it seems to work and has for several years now. Photoshop 5 was when we discovered this solution I believe.

                I know this because I printed the same jobs without color management applied once upon a time.

                Oh yeah, four color text on our web press just aint happenin. Let alone our GTO.

                Good Luck Paul!


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                  Re: TAC

                  Thanks Vincent,

                  just trying to do my job and hopefully streamline the processes which will enable my boss to make more money, then i can ask for more!. But doing this undermines my production manager and my studio manager. I guess that at half eleven on a friday night there not asking thereselves how they can become better at there job. Another day in paradise.



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                    Re: TAC

                    Paul - it wasn’t really sarcasm - more - what else can you do - by not sorting issues out properly you cause problems down the line.

                    Over spraying means that when you back up you have to run the first unit to despray the sheet,

                    Your manager needs to get

                    Screen in to resolve this 4 colour black issue

                    your ink supplier in to sort out your coating problem

                    They will at least support you

                    Is your company a member ofr the BPIF???


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                      Re: TAC

                      Hi Peter,

                      we were and i think still are members of the BPIF, we were recently brought out by another company so im not sure if they have continued to be members. With all due respect to my colleagues they don't realy give a sh*t about my issues, my new manager does as it falls on his head when it goes wrong but he comes from a finishing background which compromises his ability to argue technical issues for us. I dont know if its industry wide but it seems the case that good enough is good enough, there is no finesse or ethos to create the best work that we can produce with the equiptment. I asked one guy in the studio if i could look at the rip setting and see where i could offer input but they were concerned that i might break it!.Nobody except one or two individuals know enough about there jobs to be able to implement change and push things forward and these are the people who never get promoted to manager. In the past three years ive never worked a weekend and saw any middle management in and this is why nothing gets sorted. Over the past year i have had numerous technical experts in to sort out our backtrap/yellow issues from three different ink companies and nobody can give me an answer! im sure all will be sorted with time but if my only option is to keep setting off jobs then im no worse than they are.



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