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PDF/X or PDF for directly print from Apple Quartz without any Adobe anythin

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  • PDF/X or PDF for directly print from Apple Quartz without any Adobe anythin

    Any Macintosh OSX experts out there who has a good reliable set up description for making PDF/X files from Tiger and Leapord (Apple Macitosh OSX 10.4 and 10.5) ?

    I don't care about setting up the Mac to access Acrobat, as I am sure that has not changed since Panther (10.3)

    I want to know what Apple ships tool wise for PDF/X export WITHOUT Adobe - assume there is no Adobe anything on a brand new Mac and I want to make a PDF file that way - I am not here to debate good bad or ugly.

    What I am looking for is someone who has something like this; … p;subcat=2

    but including a Mac OSX PDF making procedure

    you know, sceen captures, procedures and such and is using PDF files in a high quality prepress production environment - but using Apple only Quartz generated PDF files - what are the issues. I may have to get off my but and drive over to the Apple Store with a thumbdrive !

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    Re: PDF/X or PDF for directly print from Apple Quartz without any Adobe any

    You would use the ColorSync application, /Applications/Utilities/, to set up a Quartz filter that converts Quart PDF's to PDF/X-3:2002 (2002 if I recall correctly). There are a number of parameters similar to Distiller for compression and down sampling. I've got my HP right now so I can't give precise instructions. But it does work, you can make a valid PDF/X-3 right from Mac OS X. Sorry, no X-1a's in 10.3, 10.4. Not sure about 10.5 but I highly doubt it.
    Matt Beals
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