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pdf from Quark 6.5

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  • pdf from Quark 6.5

    I'm trying to export my layout to a pdf, but get the message - "postscript printer must be set-up to a print file. How do set up a ps printer in WindowsXP?


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    Re: pdf from Quark 6.5

    If you have Acrobat 7 or 8, you should already have a postscript printer. I believe that Quark uses the PPD of whatever printer is set to default in order to make the PDF so you might just be able to change your default printer to "Adobe PDF 7 or 8" or any other postscript printer and it will work. If you need to setup a virtual printer, you can follow these instructions

    As an aside, if your PDF's are meant for print, then you will want to do something else besides export to PDF. The JAWS engine that Quark uses to make PDF's is not recommended for print. Here are some better options,

    1. Save the page as an EPS and drop it on Acrobat Distiller (simplest)

    2. Change your PDF preferences to export as a postscript and drop that file on Acrobat Distiller

    3. Just Print through the Adobe PDF printer (my favorite)

    As an aside of the aside, get a Mac.

    Hope this helps,

    Dan R.


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      Re: pdf from Quark 6.5

      Yeah, I hear you about the Mac. I am a Mac person, but my new place of employment has PC's. That's whay the stupid question. Mac's automatcally take care of the things you manually have to do on a PC.

      Thanks for your help


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        Re: pdf from Quark 6.5

        Whoops, sorry. Somehow I got this in the wrong thread!

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