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Duotones dont work with Quark 7.31 updater

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  • Duotones dont work with Quark 7.31 updater

    Quark has an update (7.3.1) which apparently fixes 10 things but breaks 20 things that were working fine before.

    I exported a Quark file to PDF and my duotones show up as black.

    This is a known issue with Quark 7.3.1

    Right from the Quark website ...

    Following is a list of issues discovered in QuarkXPress 7.31:

    "If you save a duotone image as an EPS file in Adobe Photoshop,
    import the EPS file into QuarkXPress, and then export the layout
    as a PDF, the EPS picture may display black."

    So ... a warning to Quark users ... don't update to 7.3.1 unless you REALLY need to!

    The Quark website lists about 20 known issues with the update.
    This is VERY frustrating.

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    Re: Duotones dont work with Quark 7.31 updater

    So thats why those images were grayscale when they were suppose to be duotones. However, I sent the files to our ctp anyway and checked the seperations. They came out fine with the angles that were specified. So the duotones still worked they just didnt look right on the monitor.


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      Re: Duotones dont work with Quark 7.31 updater

      Did you make sure your Acrobat>Preferences>General
      settings had "Overprint Preview" turned on
      when you viewed the PDF?
      (Usually, omitting this will show the color part of the duo and omit the K - however.)

      Tell everyone to always have Overprint Preview" ON in all versions of Acrobat.



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        Re: Duotones dont work with Quark 7.31 updater

        Hi Heather,

        I had a quark 7.2 project which was full of DCS images but could not get it to print properly.
        The spot color channels keep disappearing.

        I tried printing to postscript (using cmyk and spot setting, tried as is setting) with no luck.
        I have not found a solid way to export pdfs from quark either......

        Am i missing something?



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          No. Quark is "missing" something. So you get the pleasure <sarcasm> of re-saving all DCS2 as PhotoShop .PSD, and re-linking to these, outputting PS from Quark and letting Adobe make the PDF. If you do this enough, you may decide to buy a plugin like DCSMerger (I think the name was).

          Note: The reason I give the recommendation I do is this:
          1. DCS is a pre-separated file format.
          2. Printing from Quark 7 is a no-no from my testing (unless you just like problems cropping up).
          3. Composite PDF is needed.
          4. A pre-separated file format like DCS does not output correctly in a composite workflow (lores fpo image of DCS is used and not the hires seps).
          5. .PSD does allow Spot colors.
          6. Quark 7 does allow .PSD.

          Now, if I'm correct, this will work. It has been a long time ago I tested this though (thank God I don't get a lot of Quark jobs anymore - woohoo!)



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            RE: PhotoShop Duotones

            New to this forum but I have a couple comments to contribute. First, the black display of the duotone affects display only, not final output--of course, this doesn't help when one is trying to soft-proof a PDF before heading to the press. The problem is fixed in QuarkXPress 8 (current release is 8.01), and we provide a couple of workarounds if you don't have version 8, one in PhotoShop, and one in QuarkXPress 7.

            If you want to test your duotones out in version 8, you can download the free 60 day trial from the Quark web site. FYI, if this post sounds like I work for Quark, I do. We haven't had a lot of presence in the past on this forum, but I'll be popping up here every few days as I am able to see what's under discussion, and to answer any questions about QuarkXPress behaviors.

            WE have put up a new Virtual Knowledge Base that covers a lot of the topics discussed, and if you need follow-up from the folks here at Quark, you can send me a note and I'll get someone working on it. You can also register in the Quark Self-Service Portal, which allows you to directly log cases with our techs 24/7, and can track the staus of your logged cases through this portal.

            Here's a the URL for the Knowledge Base:
            Quark: Search the knowledge base



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              RE: PhotoShop Duotones

              Originally posted by clanning View Post
              The problem is fixed in QuarkXPress 8 (current release is 8.01), and we provide a couple of workarounds if you don't have version 8, one in PhotoShop, and one in QuarkXPress 7.
              I forgot to mention that you can also turn off Overprint Preview in Acrobat to view the duotone as a workaround for QuarkXPress 7. If Overprint Preview and/or Output Preview are enabled in Acrobat, the duotones appear black.



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