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  • drop shadow settings....

    In the past, I've created drop shadows several different ways. IDCS3 does a nice job as well as the various ways in Pshop to create dropshadows.
    My question is this- I have a client creating dropshadows in P-shop (layers, opacity, etc) which are rather large. What I mean is the shadow extends 1-2 inches past the image for an effect they actually like. Problem is, we are now seeing a slight "halo" around the shadow on our proofs. Client is now asking me to explain to them how to create dropshadows OVER THE PHONE in order to avoid this effect. Unless I am onsite, this is impossible. Are there any good sites / books where I can point them? Did I mention they don't want to pay me to do this for them??!!

    anyone else ever been in this situation??!!

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    Re: drop shadow settings....

    Hey mate,

    Is the halo a new occurrence? I mean have you output their jobs before and this is only just happening now? Haven't experienced this before myself but you might want to let everyone know a bit more info such as platform, workflow, etc. if you want to source a solution.

    Honestly if its a good customer its probably worth the trip round to check out their setup. I feel your pain on the no pay thing, but if it saves your sanity at the end of the day then it will still be worth it!!

    Cheers, Tony


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      Re: drop shadow settings....

      I have seen this problem before. Adding 1 or 2 pixels of noise to the shadow will help reduce the halo effect.


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        Re: drop shadow settings....

        yes, I've tried the noise trick to no avail...


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          Re: drop shadow settings....

          no, not a new occurrence. We've simply never printed a large 4/C drop shadow before.

          photoshop psd file, rampage rip, RCS dot, 2400, 175LS... not sure what other info you'll need....

          I would pay this client a visit, but now they're telling me "printer B" can print these same 4/C drop shadows with nice edges, etc.
          Since I have no idea what other type of screening they might be using, I'm stuck.

          BTW, I ran fuji final proofs on these shadows using FM screening. The edges were better, but still not quite right with the "halo" look around the edges.

          Thanks and LMK if anyone can think of anything else.....


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            Re: drop shadow settings....

            Did you check to make sure the shadow is overprinting the colors below?


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              Re: drop shadow settings....

              the halo effect is noticeable where the shadow meets white....


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                Re: drop shadow settings....

                We usually ask the customer to use K only shadows, but in your case, they may not go for it. We will output to our Thermal imagesetter using RCS, Taffeta, or stochastic screening.

                One cool way to see a drop shadow is to add a funky layer curve adjustment to the PSD file. Drag the 100% to the left to about 20%. This will push all the color up dramatically, making the edges clearly seen.

                I had to fix a bunch of these from the same customer, every one of his jobs are like this. He doesn't like us to add noise. So, I put on the funky curve, select the drop shadow with the magic wand, pen tool or similar. Fade the selection back 10-20 pixelss to soften the effect. Make a new curve adjustment layer. Measure the hooked area and note the color values where the breaks are. Inside the Curve adjustment, go into each channel and slightly hook the 1-5 area till you get a smoother edge.


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