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Turbo FM - What is it?

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  • Turbo FM - What is it?

    One of our plants is printing using Turbo FM screening from their Brisque.
    What is this screening exactly? I don't need a definition of FM screening, but what is the Turbo algorithm?
    We're moving over to Prinergy, and I don' t believe this screening is available with Prinergy. What would be the closest available screening, and how different are they?

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    Re: Turbo FM - What is it?

    Turbo FM was the Scitex implementation of second order FM screening. The dot shapes are very directional. Creo did not support Turbo when they acquired Scitex because Staccato was deemed the better screen pattern.

    Best Gordon


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      Re: Turbo FM - What is it?

      Thanks Gordo. I knew you'd be the man. So, is there any where I could look at the dot shapes to compare (other than printing samples)? How different is it from Staccato? Would I expect to see a printing difference between the two?


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        Re: Turbo FM - What is it?

        Here's what Turbo-FM dots look like:


        In most cases you probably won't see much of a difference - however Staccato will be much smoother in flat screen tint areas and will not show the color mottle in flat tint screen overprints that you might see with Turbo-FM. Staccato is also more forgiving of directional press artifacts like doubling and slur.



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          Re: Turbo FM - What is it?

          Excellent! Thank you Gordon!


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