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  • Crazy Job of the Day

    O.K. so I get a job in today that is supposed to be a 12 page book, 11x8.5, black and Pantone Green. The job was done in InDesign, but:

    1. All images were RGB with a simulated green cast to them so I have to convert them to duotones and get as close as possible to the green they have in their RGB images.
    2. They did a 2 page spread in Illustrator which they then copy and pasted into InDesign, so not only did they not send the Illustrator file, but when they copied and pasted into InDesign, all link names were gone and the 2 page spread rendered as CMYK. To fix this, I had to get them to send the original Illustrator file and links, fix the photoshop duotones, re-link in Illustrator, save as an eps and place in InDesign.
    3. To top it off, they have the InDesign file built in readers spreads on 22 inch wide facing pages, so when you look at a spread, it's actually 4 pages across, so I have to get that file down to 12 - 11x8.5 inch facing pages instead of 6 22x8.5 inch 4 page spreads.

    SHEESH. Some people are too dangerous for their own good. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. It's very cathartic. Anyone else have any recent "doosies"?
    By the time I walk out of here, I'm going to be a lean, mean, prepress machine...

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    Re: Crazy Job of the Day

    ask the designer for the original files because you cannot RIP his PDF file since he secured it to PRINT only
    the designer refuses to do so and says you cannot change these files they're mine
    (i'm taking my ball and going home)


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