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import word-text into quark-doc

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  • import word-text into quark-doc

    When I import Text-files into a quarkdoc, my program stops...
    do I have to save my word-files into something else?
    Or is it a common problem?

    Luckely I have a Quark Resque folder,
    but... stopping after 3 minutes

    thanks! x Tina (quark 7.3, and word 11.3 and my documents are saved as .doc, not rtf.)

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    Re: import word-text into quark-doc

    It should work. Does the word file have an unusually large page count? If so, try breaking it down into smaller segments. Also, are you including style sheets? If you have existing style sheets in your quark file, they may be conflicting with the word file style sheets. If you have "include style sheets" checked, try unchecking it. If it works that way, you'll have to re-format all your type, but at least you'll have it in quark.

    If the word file contains graphics, they may be causing the problem as well. You may want to strip the word file of any graphics and then try importing.

    The final option is copying from word into quark. If you try this option, watch for type reformatting (i.e. you may lose bolds, italics, etc.)

    Just a few ideas. Hope one of them works.

    Edited by: Kevin DeLay on Apr 28, 2008 12:40 PM
    By the time I walk out of here, I'm going to be a lean, mean, prepress machine...


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      Re: import word-text into quark-doc

      Hi Kevin

      my document has indeed graphics included and styles.
      and it's about 50 pages.
      i 'll try re-format... and deleting the graphics. but i will lose the italics text...

      thank you for the tips!!!!


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