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  • dots on inkjet proof

    i'm trying to present contract proofs to client with epson 9800 using gmg and efi cms. (client is now very confident with kodak approval)... my question, is there a need or significance to show dots on proofs? luckily, we have a 1-bit output that we use for CtP so i can have the option to proof the 1bit tif generated but the resulting proof is not as faithful as the one printed on press, so any comment if there is a need to show dots on proofs...


    Ariel S. Reyes
    Scanwell Graphics Corporation

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    Re: dots on inkjet proof

    Some comments regarding dot proofing relevance in this thread:

    My opinion is its often unnecessary. It can come in useful when trying to wean a client of an Approval proof though, depending on if they take a loupe to the proof or not, and can be utilized in a rip once, output many workflow..


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      Re: dots on inkjet proof

      I believe they are useful for certain clients still. Especially as great as gmg dotproof is concerned. I also have gmg dotproof and use it for "old school" people.


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        Re: dots on inkjet proof

        If you need an inexpensive way of generating dot proof files for you ink jet printer then you can consider our TIFF Pager software. It can take in multiple TIFF files - one for each ink - and down res the data maintaining the dot shape but converting to contone format for final color managed proofing. The output is then a PDF that can go to any ink jet rip. This about a $1500 package and is included with our TaskForce Workflow.

        It can also generate DCS files from TIFF's as well JPEG. It can crop, rotate, and make multiple different output files from one set of TIFF's.

        David Lewis
        Lucid Dream Software


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          Re: dots on inkjet proof

          > {quote:title=ar17 wrote:}{quote}
          > is there a need or significance to show dots on proofs?

          If the halftone dots on your proof exactly match the halftone dots on the press sheet, then there is an advantage to proofing with halftone dots. Otherwise it can be misleading.

          In most cases, the files pass through one RIP to be proofed and then another RIP to make plates. It is unlikely the halftone dots will be generated exactly the same by the different RIPs. Exceptions are the ROOM workflow previously mentioned.

          Two scenarios I have dealt with :

          Problem hitting color on press, and trying to troubleshoot it by comparing the dots on the proof to dots on the press sheet. The dots were so different, nothing conclusive could be determined from that comparison.

          Moire in fabric on press. The proof was an Approval, but did not exhibit moire. The way the image data was screened by the CTP RIP caused the moire, but was not predicted by the proof because the way it was screened was so different.

          In a time long ago when the proofs were made from the same screened film that made the plates, halftone dots on the proof told you a lot and could predict some problems before the press cylinders started turning. Unless you have a ROOM workflow, halftone dots on proofs aren't that helpful anymore. In fact, it can limit how well the proof matches color-wise, so it is actually a disadvantage from my perspective.

          Most of the "old schoolers" are retired now anyway, except for me



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            Re: dots on inkjet proof

            quote: Most of the "old schoolers" are retired now anyway, except for me

            I wish this was the case!


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