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  • VOID

    Does anyone know how to make the "VOID" plate? We need to print the word "VOID" on rx pads so they can't be copied.

    The example I have looks like there are two separate line screens. 133 line screen for the word VOID and 150 for the space inbetween.

    Mary Jo

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    Re: VOID

    From my understanding, it's special paper (I believe it's called "copy evident" paper) with the "void" info already there. I'm not sure of a way to actually print it using ink.

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      Re: VOID

      Would anyone happen to know who sells this paper?


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        Re: VOID

        I would check with whomever orders your paper. I would think one of your suppliers would either have it, or know where to get it. I'm did a web search and found some places online, but they only sold 8.5 x 11, so I'm not sure if it's available in press sheet sizes.
        By the time I walk out of here, I'm going to be a lean, mean, prepress machine...


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          Re: VOID

          Ok - adding on to the original question:

          Does anyone know about NCR VOID or Copy-Evident paper?


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            Re: VOID

            Void patterns are typically achieved by shifting screen rulings. Like you first suspected - the example you have looks like 2 different line screens (I believe screen angles are sometimes rotated as well).

            There used to be a plug-in for QuarkXpress that allowed this, but I don't believe it is still being developed (and the name escapes me).

            Some high-end workflows (RIPs) allow you to combine multiple screens on a single plate - sort of like double-burning your plate without the hassle.

            The technical term is "Void Pantograph" if that helps...

            Another way to accomplish this would be to use PhotoShop - create 2 screened bitmap images to output on a single plate (you can probably do this on separate layers, and flatten to one image instead of 2 different images).


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              Re: VOID

              here's a link with some info:


              Void Pantographs are not that easy to make.
              We get ours generated by an outside company (don't know a name).
              They are output resolution dependent and have to be printed in a specific direction on the press and with a specific line screen to get it to work right.

              You can do a google on void pantos and you'll get a list of printers and manufacturers.



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                Re: VOID

                Our company is able to print the VOID pantograph you are asking about. We have the technology software to do this and can also customize the pantographs. It is part of the printing process.


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                  Re: VOID

                  Great link David!

                  Your right; pantos are not easy to make. I was successful in making a pantograph for the background of college transcripts that we print, but it takes a lot of prepress and press time to get it all to work out correctly. I tried to do it for some coupon jobs that we were trying to get and the owner got frustrated with the amount of time and effort it was taking and said we couldn't do it. Then we got the chance to do the transcripts and I was able to make it work quicker, so I know it can be done, but it takes a lot of trial and error to get it to work. You might be better getting a company that specializes in this because there isn't a set procedure to make something like this work for every job and every press out there.

                  Good luck!


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                    Re: VOID

                    yeah, that's why we get them from outside.
                    We also spent a lot of press time trying them out. The company that made ours sent us several test tiff files. We put them all on one sheet, then picked the "one" that worked.


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                      Re: VOID

                      We do one every year, and I just make it a 2-color job but use the same ink on both towers of the press. Output each color at 2 differrent linescreens with minimal trap applied (can't double-burn the plate, but that's what I would do if I could).
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