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  • Gadgets you can't live without

    One of my favorite posts from those *other* forums was the one on handy software apps.
    Now, this one does not fall *technically* under prepress but I find it hard to live without.

    I hate white forums. I do indeed.

    I have a 30" monitor and I always feel like someone's trying to crisp me.

    This little app changes and modifies the color and shape of your computers menus. I like to keep mine a nice charcoal grey and happily dark.
    There are a few mods out here. I'm currently trying out Shapeshifter. It's shareware but if it stays trouble free I'll probably buy it. The real trick with these mods is that they do not always look or work great with adobe apps. This one has an exclusion feature where I can choose to turn it off for a specific application.
    The App in question.
    A site of themes for the App.

    Image: !!
    A picture of a theme (I hope)

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    Re: Gadgets you can't live without

    There is one named "Sharpshooter" that allows you to change the name to screen captures as you make them.
    I use that so I can rename FTP windows and keep a proof that I did upload the file.
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      Re: Gadgets you can't live without

      Yep, I have [WindowShade X||WindowShades X] installed & it's one of the first things I put on +any+ new machine. I've heard some complaints/comments that Unsanity's Application Enhancer renders the System unstable, but I've never encountered anything that shows that to be true. Use at your own risk I suppose.

      Nice screenshot app too! B-)


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