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Looking for a great prepress room layout

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  • Looking for a great prepress room layout


    Am creating a printing plant tour in the Virtual World Second Life as part of a project I am working on to reach out to educators, students and industry. I am wondering if anyone has pictures of a well laid out prepress department/room that I can use to help me recreate it in a 3D environment. Listing off the equipment would be of great assistance as well.

    Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

    Thats great that you are educating people on this. Most people don't understand the importance of Prepress.

    I used to work for a company that outputs film and electronic files to computer to plate in the packaging industry.

    I used the Dupont Color proofing system.

    It was mostly dealing with analog proofs. That was 3 years ago.

    Check out the PDF and info on Dupont system. Sorry for the crude layout. You might find actual pics on dupont website.

    Hope that Helps!


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      Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

      This YouTube film will give you a little taste of a prepress or repro department ;

      Friendly Regards,
      David Dilling

      PS: I would be very interested to learn more about your SecondLife project...


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        Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

        Great information, thanks to you both. I will post pictures as we start to build it.

        The Second Life island is called Printalution and is about 60% complete. It will be live by GraphExpo this year. Our plan is to have it as a print community for industry, teachers, and college level students. There will be a tour of the print process, meeting areas, a Green exhibit and large conference center.

        One nice aspect is we are doing a RegAPI from our website to the location. Basically, our community can create their Second Life account and avatar on our site and when they fist login to Second Life appear on our island and go through our Orientation area.

        I have some screen shots if you would like to see it.

        My current challenge is getting the various areas laid out well and the right equipment represented.

        Anyone interested in helping out or seeing it please let me know.


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          Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

          Hi Brian,
          Sounds (and looking) very cool. We have some people here really into SecondLife and already have some things started on a limited level. If you could email me, perhaps we could work together... david AT markzware DOT com.


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            Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

            Nowadays there is no such thing as pre press - you are part of a Customer services team


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              Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

              Peter, not 100% sure I understand your comment in the context of my question.



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                Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

                Hi All

                I am a first time user and my question I would like some advice on is... my company would like to
                combine the prepress function with client services thus creating pods per per client. Our workflow has been streamlined using pringergy and we only receive pdf files from our clients(a long education process). have 4 large formt output devices.
                The prepress consists of 18 operators and 10 platemakers working shifts 24/7. There are 24 client service staff(no shifts).
                Note that we are a large printing concern(500 employees) and we print commercial(newspapers), 80 mags per month and bookwork(edu titles and diaries). We are the largest printer in Africa. Is this a viable concept?


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                  Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

                  Hi Shaun,

                  Think you should have posted this question as a new thread - instead of interrupting Brian's.

                  BTW - Is CTP bigger than Paarl Print?



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                    Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

                    like I said first time user .. bigger than Paarl Print?

                    I don't know but Prepress services Web Division, Books Division and Commercial Division


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                      Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout


                      I would contend that your idea is well worth considering and perhaps expanding. Combining prepress with client services to create client-based "pods" sounds like the creation of cross-functional work cells, and cellular organization has proven to be a very effective tool for improving productivity. Companies that implement and use "lean" production and management techniques make extensive use of cross-functional work cells, and lean organizations have achieve dramatic improvements in both efficiency and profitability. Of course, a lean organization would also extend the cellular approach to other production activities, which may or may not be possible in your company.
                      G. David Dodd
                      Point Balance, LLC


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                        Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

                        Our pre press ept used to be stuck away in another room, now I sit next to the Account handlers and managers. Works really well, you know whats going on I get lots of contact with customers problems are sorted out quickly. I think its the way forward.



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                          Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

                          Now, convince the LSM shops that this layout is better! This I gotta see.

                          (LSM = large shop mentality)

                          John W


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                            Re: Looking for a great prepress room layout

                            I think merging these ares is a great idea. You can certainly streamline you production and eliminate stop points by working as teams in this area. You will most likely find you have an increased capacity with your current staff by doing this merge. You should also expect to cut throughput time as problems can be reacted to quicker. I would say embrace this idea and try to make it work towards a smoother operation. I believe LSM (LSM = large shop mentality) as John wrote would be wise to consider a change towards this model.

                            My two cents...


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