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Issues with CID encoded fonts

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  • Issues with CID encoded fonts

    I'm curious to hear if people are having issues with CID encoded fonts. Often times when I submit ads (as PDFs) to various newspaper and magazine publications their automated Preflight report comes back with "Warnings" on all of the CID fonts, since they are not errors they do not require a new file, but I often wonder why there are coming up as a warning in the first place. It is my understanding that all RIPS, nowadays, can handle CID fonts. Am I wrong?

    Another thing that I find interesting is that I never get these Warnings when I submit book files (interiors, or jackets/covers) to print vendors. I'm assuming it is because the print ads are a much more automated process.

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    Re: Issues with CID encoded fonts

    Some older rips have issues with them. Converting all your CID fonts to outlines will solve the problem.


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      Re: Issues with CID encoded fonts

      Got these "warning" messages from newspapers automated preflight softwares too. You're right about the fact that with modern RIPs, CID-encoding shouldn't be an issue. From my experience, you can always disregard the "warning" messages you get from the preflight software. "Error" messages are the ones you need to worry about. Why aren't these "warnings" being reported when you supply your files to print vendors? IMO, it's because print shops usually have more skilled operators that know very much their rip. If there is something to fix in your file (and it's fixable) they will do it and you probably won't know about it (unless it's major). My own experience with newspapers (and it happened once or twice with magazines) is that their high level of automation requires them to report every single potential problem in your supplied file. It all depends how it's configured. Sometimes it's configured to reflect the real limitation of the rip, sometimes it's just configured by the vendor to detect stuff that really shouldn't be an issue. I look forward to see the day when publications will remotely give you access to their rip (not their preflight system) so you can do it yourself and see the final rastered result. But I'm probably dreaming here.
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        Re: Issues with CID encoded fonts

        Kodak Prinergy coupled with InSite will allow you to this if.
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          Re: Issues with CID encoded fonts

          From a (limited), internal, viewpoint, the issue I've had is using a PostScript flow though PREPS. We should move away from that...but that's another story. Internally fraught...(don't ask). PREPS usually just "disappears 'em". Lovely blank space. Nice. Maybe that's why someone's thrown in a warning box.

          This is from a PDF in, but .ps'ing in PREPS. Yeah, I know, but it's not for discussion...just saying that's the issue I've had.
          Answer, of course, is to go PDF in> PDF out. problem.


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