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  • Print Usage in Business Sectors


    For my research paper at uni, I need to find out which business sectors use commercial printing the most.

    If anyone has any info, like which industry sector do you do the most work for, can you let me know, plus say which country you are from?

    Thanks so much in advance


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    Re: Print Usage in Business Sectors

    I would say it is probably advertising. direct mail?


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      Re: Print Usage in Business Sectors

      And which business sector(s) use this the most eg is it Automotive, or Medical etc


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        Re: Print Usage in Business Sectors

        Our largest client is a major insurance company. They do several million dollars worth of printing with us a year and I'm sure we're not their only supplier. Columbus, Ohio, USA

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        By the time I walk out of here, I'm going to be a lean, mean, prepress machine...


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          Re: Print Usage in Business Sectors

          Hospital - Marketing depts. and Universities. Those were our biggest clients as a direct customer of the print shop I used to work for.

          Packaging is where it's at for big money printing! Walk in to a grocery store or pharmacy and just look around at all the paper and ink!
          Cartons galore.....


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            Re: Print Usage in Business Sectors

            I'd like to point out that folding carton printing is not really considered commercial printing by many of us that do it. We consider it specialty printing since so many of the techniques, parameters, hardware which includes some or all of the post press processes; the use of metallic ink, various coatings and combination varnishes, die-cutting, massive use of spot color, three dimensional proofing, folding and glueing etc makes it a different kettle of fish.

            Having said that, there is nothing stopping our business evolving into virtual cartons in on-line stores, electronic ordering and delivery of a plain cardboard box to the consumer with a 1 col tracking label attached. So prepress then would survive in a different form while traditional print may be further and drastically reduced. Who knows?

            John W

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              Re: Print Usage in Business Sectors

              I concur John, packaging and "commercial" printing are different animals. I wasn't trying to loop the two together.


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                Re: Print Usage in Business Sectors

                Not sure if you'd consider that I qualify as "commercial" anymore. We're a heatset web shop and key on newspaper inserts. Everything we do is for retailers - department stores, auto parts, sporting goods, appliances, furniture, et cetera.

                In a previous life spent in commercial sheetfed almost everything was mailers. While almost everything came through agencies, the bulk of our work was done on behalf of a cable tv/telephone company.



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                  Re: Print Usage in Business Sectors

                  You all have been a tremendous help!

                  I now have the direction I needed for my paper . . . I'm SO grateful!


                  Cyn xxx


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