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Epson 9880 not printing any ink along with 0040 error

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  • Epson 9880 not printing any ink along with 0040 error

    I'm after some advice on this problem if possible. The printer is about 4 years old and not heavily used, mainly printing canvas as a part time business.

    The Printer was printing very poorly, missing lots of colours in the nozzle check. I've taken the print head off and cleaned it perfectly with all nozzels working. I put it back in the printer and still the same, nothing prints on the page. I've bleed ink right through to the dampers and ink is flowing. Put ink direct in the print head and it prints a bit......I have the 0040 error as well btw. I cant find a reset procedure for the 9880 anywhere, plenty saying they are for the 9880 but they dont work. I'm thinking the capping station and motor are the reason it doesnt print but hate the thoughts of replacing this and then need a printhead.....i dont have that type of money to spend. Would the 0040 error prevent the printer printing and is this what primes the printhead now there is no ink in it and thats why it wont print? Does anyone have a guide to just changing the capping station or resetting the 0040 error for a 9880 please.

    Btw, I dont have the money to pay an epson engineer and am very comfortable taking this thing apart if I understand what i'm doing........

    Thanks in advance if any of you guys can help.

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    A quick search says that the 0040 code is related to the pump/cap/cleaning assembly. Here's a link that tells how to reset the error, this may be what you've tried all ready.

    Epson stylus pro 9880 maintenance request 0040 - Fixya


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      Thanks, but yes thats not correct for the 9880. I've replaced the pump/cap/assembly and have now got the printer printing albeit badly at the minute but at least ink is now flowing. I've had the head out and cleaned it but I think there is adjustment wizard software to calibrate the print head and I cant find it so am at a bit of a loss at the minute. Thanks anyway pal.


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