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A question of "high-end" scanning.

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    Re: A question of "high-end" scanning.

    here is a lead for your friend. My boss also fixes Crossfields. He has lots of parts and may want to speak with your friend.
    contact info: Terry Allen, Spectrecom, Sun Valley, CA 818-764-9500.


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      Re: A question of "high-end" scanning.

      The reason I am addressing this question is because my Heidelberg Nexscan F4100 quit working today, and I logged on to the Planet only to find that the question was asked ten days ago.

      I'm not sure what your situation is, but I have been running my Nexscan on a G4 with a SCSI connection (of course), running LinoColor v.6 on OS 9.2.2. Over the last few months, the scanner would be slow to respond (I'm guessing), and the software would display a "SCSI connection error: restart Mac and scanner and try again" message. I foolishly purchased the SilverFast scanning/CoCo software to make the move to OS X, along with a SCSI to Firewire converter, but never really got that off the ground before the scanner quit working altogether. I talked to Heidelberg support today, and the proposed fix is a $7,679.00 "MaxiBoard" (plus labor, of course). Ouch!

      Although my story may be different, our situation is likely the same; What is the best way to accomodate our (few and far-between) high-quality scanning needs?


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        Re: A question of "high-end" scanning.

        Well, I cannot speak spacifically as to whether or not you need the $7,000.00 fix. If I were you I would uninstall and reinstall the LinoColor Software. Remember there is a small file that is on either a disc or small floppy that needs to be installed too. It is the driver for the scanner. When you install the software have the scanner off and unplugged from the computer. Then turn off the computer, hook up everything, start the scanner then stert the computer and Linocolor. See if this fixed the connection problem. Also, in the older OS 9.x applications you could assign memory in the :info: of each app. Give Linocolor some good memory.
        Good luck!


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          Re: A question of "high-end" scanning.

          Hi, Can you let mw know how your going. I just picked up a Nexscan f4100 at an auction. Its missing the glass plate. Part # PP05355036 and im still waiting for a scsi card to turn up for my pc. Ive downloaded the Demo version Silverfast. If you track down someone with spare parts or software, PC/Mac, Manuals etc could you let me know. Thanks Dave.


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            Re: A question of "high-end" scanning.

            If you are looking for service for the nexscan try Repronet, they are out of New york and may have access to the parts you need.

            516 349 0079

            They have been servicing our Hell 3800 and 3700 for the past 15 years, and they are still going strong !

            John R


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              Re: A question of "high-end" scanning.

              OK thanks ill give them a try. Let you know how i go. Dave


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                Re: A question of "high-end" scanning.

                interesting view on the marked (or sudden lack of it...) I own 4 Celsises (2 for parts) and a T5000 flatbed for reflective stuff and an Imacon 949 for film. We have about 50 scans a week on the imacon and perhaps 100 scans a month on the flatbed (looking for new now, any advice? either a C550 sprint or a Cezanne Elite?). As for the Celsises I run, mostly for enlargements on lightjet or for specific printing needs, about 30 -100 scans a month on the Celsises for an average price of 120$ each. (10x8s are 1000NOK= 180$ and 120 film are about 90$ each) Photographers and clients specifically asks for drumscans!

                We scan TIFF RGB 80-120MB each file, and up to 6-700MB for special installations. Mostly we scan negative film, occasionally some 10x8" positive film.

                Now I will try to target institutions and other outside the art -industry to keep volume up, as I see an increase in incoming digital high-end stuff (from Phase Ones ans H3s).



                ;ATT whos that guy travelling around? I may need a cradle v2 and a hand to recalibrate optics on my 6250s...


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                  Re: A question of "high-end" scanning.

                  The guy I was referring to is Nick Hughes. You can email him at
         He's out of Bournemouth, UK.
                  Matt Beals
                  The views expressed here are my own personal views and are not those of my employer.


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                    Re: A question of "high-end" scanning.

                    I have extra glass plates (brand new) for the Nexscan. Please contact me if you still need one.

                    I wanted to address the down Nexscan with the Maxiboard problem in this thread too...some of those earlier Maxiboards would spontaneously lose the OS in the boot prom. There is a service port on the Maxiboard where you can hook up a serial cable (it's 9 pin DIN) and start the machine to see if there are any boot messages at all. But before you go to that trouble, just go under "Special Scanner Functions" and execute a software update...this will reload the plug-in to the boot prom. If this doesn't work, then you probably need on-site service and it could be your Maxiboard is non-repairable. I've had some luck with bringing them back to life. Unfortunately I have no more of them currently in stock. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. My contact info can be found at . Sorry this reply came a few weeks late, but I just saw the thread and I hope that by now you are already back up and running.

                    I also know the guys at Repronet since 23 years and they are very knowledgeable and helpful. We cooperate with each other on a regular basis. I'm based in Kiel, Germany but maintain an office and warehouse in Atlanta, GA too. They are located on Long Island. We are sticking around to keep the old Hell legacy alive a little longer.


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                      Re: A question of "high-end" scanning.

                      I guess im the other odd man out.
                      I run a Howtek 7500 and i cant keep up with the amount of scans we do.
                      We are doing more now than ever. Film is growing at least in NYC.
                      Most of it is in the large format (4x5, 8x10). Some medium format and some ultra large format.


                      Anyone want to sell a howtek? I need another one!


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                        We had Before A Crossfield Scanner & Studio, we have some of our files which we need now recorded before on 8 mm tapes. How can I get these photos and files to use it on photoshop. Thanks in advance


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                          Still running a Topaz . .. couple of scans a month or so . .. mostly to take existing art and recreate it when the customer doesnt have the original art or files
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                            A Crosfield Magnascan 636, a beast when you consider what a flat bed will do, but still think that nothing beats a high end drum scanner, a very technical high precision bit of kit, built around the concept of colour as a science, just everything about it is so different to a flat bed - just gives incredible accuracy, but also comes down to a good op. We were once stacked with work. Most people use digital cameras to capture now, so its scanned at source so to say. Digital cameras have done to high end scanning, what CTP has done to film.


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                              I feel nostalgic reading this thread, i completed my apprenticship on a Crossfield 540....watched it being taken to the tip 14 years ago, kept a few badges and a drum.



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                                We sold our Hell S3400 about 6 years ago. Now we use an Epson Expression 10000XL to scan an occasional transparency, c-print, or piece of original art. Most images are supplied digital camera captures or bank images.
                                I served my apprenticeship scanning on a Crosfield 646, we had 2 of them with an 'E' and a 'M' output unit. We ran 2 shifts with 4 operators, and when scanning peaked we were scanning about 15,000 pieces of color a year.
                                Man I miss those paychecks!


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