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Offset press and ink left in the cold? Is this bad?

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  • Offset press and ink left in the cold? Is this bad?

    A year ago I had all new rollers put on a AB Dick press. That and a bunch of oil based ink was left in a garage with no heat. Its a shack like a garage with no heat at all which can be minus 25 at times since its canada. Can this wreck the ink and rollers? Or when it thaws out will it be fine? Anyone have experience with this? Can it wreck anything else?

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    I would be willing to bet the rollers are toast . . . not sure about the ink
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      You'll probably need to replace the fanatney rod


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        What is a fanatney rod and what do they cost? Do you think the hard rollers would need to be replaced also? And is it only the rollers that would be wrecked? Nothing would have to be tweaked again and nothing else replaced?


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          Hello realmstar,

          For goodness sake............ just try and PRINT, then you will know what to ask next !

          fanatney rod........... just a Stupid remark !!!!!

          Regards, Alois


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            I can't imagine the cold hurting anything. Just warm it up and run. Cold generally preserves things.


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              Im asking because its put away otherwise I would print myself. I won't be able to check for a while myself. I was told the cold can shrink the rollers and damage them.


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                worst case would be rollers have developed flat spots if they were stored without being backed off or any roller lube to protect them.


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                  I think it's possible that all the rubber (these aren't tires), including blankets, may need replacing. Ink and most chemicals are also recommended to be stored at room temperature.


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                    Originally posted by realmstar View Post
                    What is a fanatney rod and what do they cost?



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