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How do you name files?

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    My print controller truncates file names after I think 16 characters so too much info is actually a huge pain in the ass.
    Ideally, all I want in a file name for printing is the job number and the line item #. I don't care what it's called, and I don't care who the client is. All of that information is in my job jacket, so I just need a number to match it to.


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      Job Number - File Name. Nice and simple. Print ready files are placed in a folder for the operator to grab and then go into a printed folder for a week before being deleted (in case of an immediate re-print in bindery). Original files are stored in native format in their own folder. Re-make PDF's for reprints with the new job number.


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        New folder and copy of final PDF for reprints.


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          Well . . . we file ours alphetically in a folder under the customers name and then with a unique job number and then with the customers name, job description and any other relevant information that might help identify the file if its "misfiled". This way you are not required to go to your MIS system to retrieve a file for example, or if perchance your MIS system didn't have it entered correctly by job #you have a pretty good chance of finding it by looking at the customer and description alone.
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