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  • Imposition numbering software

    Is there any numbering soft for impositions? Not the impositions themselves like preps, just for mockups.

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    Different presses and press/folder configurations can have different numbering schemes. Probably the most common, at least in my experience, is 1,4,5,8,9,12,13,16...etc on the front and 2,3,6,7,10,11,14,15...etc on the back but there are many more possibilities. It isn't hard to do something in spreadsheet software like Excel or the spreadsheet program in OpenOffice.
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      True, not hard. But what if you have some different folding schemes in one work and need to number them. Plus add some inserts or some pages with flaps etc.
      For now our technologists do this numbering "in head". That's why I thought maybe there is an app for it. Basically I need preps without most of preps functions


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        I'm having a hard time understanding what you are trying to achieve. Do you have a photo or a mockup of what you want?


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          Originally posted by PricelineNegotiator View Post
          I'm having a hard time understanding what you are trying to achieve. Do you have a photo or a mockup of what you want?
          Alright, i'll try to explain in details
          There are 2 departments — 1. technologists, 2. Prepress
          Technologists making "techcards" for orders where all technological steps explaind for further departments. I.e. prepress—platemaking—paper flattening—press—cut—folding—bindery—stampint—lami nating etc.
          For the prepress they create "mockups" of pages as they appear on the sheets.
          For some simple work, like Joe mentioned they don't. For some complicated work they do and they spend lot of time for it.
          For example, let's say we have a book of 36 pages, some with flaps.
          mockup for prepress will look like attached screenshots.

          now suppose we have more pages per sheet and more pages in book
          and all this for now is done with just Word by hand
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