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Preflight & fix too thin objects

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  • Preflight & fix too thin objects

    Suppose you have some hairlines and you have to fix them: everything is fine since you can do it quickly in Acrobat too.

    Suppose those hairlines aren't lines but tiny rectangles (such as 'expanded' strokes): how do you preflight them? Can you?

    Suppose you have tiny vector objects - such as an 'art nouveau' logo with lots of 'branches' and so on - you can't actually print it using your printing method (now I'm talking about foil stamping). How do you fix them?

    I'd like a method to check if the actual thickness of an object is under a given size, and then it to enlarge it only where needed.

    I know my English sucks, so please see the picture; I hope it'll be more clear.

    Do you know any way to do something like this?

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    Esko has a feature within their Deskpack tool set called Thin Parts, which is part of their Preflight plugin for Illustrator--it allows you to set a thickness & then adds vector objects to compensate for any areas thinner than what you've specified. It should do what you're wanting.

    Our company has it, but we don't often use it--when you start thickening portions of art, it starts looking odd. Mostly we rely on strokes and do the best we can. We do hot foil & cold foil on rotary presses.

    I'm not sure if it's available as a standalone purchase--Esko usually sells software in bundles and charges 15% of the purchase price annually for a maintenance contract (covering Illustrator upgrades, fixing bugs, etc).

    Not aware of any other software that does this, but it's probably out there.

    BTW, your English appears to be perfectly fine!


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      Agree that your English is perfectly fine!

      I know that this doesn't help when you are confronted with these types of issues on a press at 3:00am in the morning, but you should give feedback to whoever is providing such wonky content that they should seriously consider simplifying such artwork such that it can reasonably be rendered when and where necessary. Just because “it looks good on a screen,” it doesn't mean that the result is of overall professional quality.

      - Dov


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        Dov Isaacs
        Yeah, we all know: most designers & clients suck, and in 20 years I've not been able to fix this, and this is THE problem!

        prepress labels
        Thank you, I didn't know about that one! Do you have some sample to provide me? Some screenshot? Some video from everywhere?

        PS: 'My English' thanks you all!


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          I've found it in the old ArtPro: GOOD!
          (so far it isn't in the PLUS version - only in CLASSIC)


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            [QUOTE=darioluca;n279075]I've found it in the old ArtPro: GOOD!
            (so far it isn't in the PLUS version - only in CLASSIC)

            Sounds like adding that feature to ArtPro+ would be a good idea!
            Esko has a place where users can register their good ideas. Go to, click on Support Community and login. There is a section where Esko users can log their ideas and wishes for Esko products. While there give a "like" to others ideas to show support for them, or add your own comments.

            "you never know how the past is going to turn out"


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              This feature also exist in Hybrid Software's Packz PDF editor.



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