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  • saddle stitch monthly planner software

    I'm looking for a saddle stitch monthly planner software or template where we can easily update the years. I believe we made one in Indesign at one time but did not find a way to update it to the current year without typing in 365 date changes. Anyone know of a solution?

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    InDesign is best. The only thing that changes is the starting day of the month. The dates don't change (exception Leap Year). Draw your grids how you like. I just use a table. Then layer tabbed text over it with line spacing set for row height. Each year strip line returns from the month and add or remove tabs to start on the correct day of week. Then run a GREP: FIND \t\d*\t\d*\t\d*\t\d*\t\d*\t\d*\t\d* and CHANGE TO $0\r. That will put returns back in after every 7th tab and date*. Be sure to put your cursor at the very beginning of the paragraph before running the GREP. You can reflow a whole year in a few minutes.

    *NOTE: GREP shown assumes dates tabbed with leading tab ^tNN ^tNN.
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