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Acrobat Dot Gain 30 Conversion is Changing 100K black to 84K

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    Originally posted by Ulrich View Post

    just for curiosity: For which Output Intention do you need dotgain 30?

    Not sure exactly what you mean. We are sending to an AB Dick 2340 digital platemaker and printing on an Itek 975pfa (blanket-to-blanket perfector)... whole lotta dot gain.

    or maybe you mean from what color profile are we converting to dotgain 30? The InDesign file is set to US Web Coated v2 and our export setting is set to "Do not convert"


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      Originally posted by Joe View Post

      So if the text is CMY=0 and K=100 to start with and I do the following using color convert it converts the text to 0%gray which equals 100% K.

      Sometimes it works for us. As mentioned in my post yesterday afternoon it seems that it works until we run the file through Quite Imposing and then that's screwing it up. If we convert to after it's imposed some random folio lines/page numbers disappear... that's why we've taken to always imposing AFTER the convert. We could try to upgrade to the newest version of QIP I suppose.


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        i mean the „normal“ dot gain for K on coated is around 16% and Uncoated is about 22% (sheetfed)...

        Did not you calibrate your Platesetter or are you using FM? Guess i had to search for your Itek-machine before asking ;-)

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          I think the more important question is whether you're getting 84K max in images and color builds, or if you're getting 84% screened type.

          Type might be an issue, but at 30% dot gain, you're going to get a solid black build on press. Run that deeper on anything but stand-alone type and you're going to get Kbleed into areas where you don't want that black. Because if you're running that deep a dot gain profile, like newsprint-class profiles, you're running on a substrate like a sponge that'll just drink that black ink up.


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