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Online preflight and layout validation software service

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  • Online preflight and layout validation software service


    We’re going to develop online preflight service for printing companies and I’m contacting people to understand problems their businesses have.

    My assumption is that frequently users upload layouts for print in incorrect format (wrong canvas size, no bleeding offsets, low resolution images inside, RGB color space used, etc.) and printing companies have to spend some time to manually go through all uploaded files, find issues and ask customers to fix is. Which will lead to tons of emails, manual work and eventually will do pre-print and proofing process very complicated and resource consuming.

    I’m just wondering if it would be interesting for your business to have an automatic layout checking system on your website. With such system you can automatically check layouts uploaded by users without wasting time on coordinating and sending emails and files from the printing house to customer and back.

    User just need to upload the layout file during the ordering process, and our service will check it (and probably event fix some fixable problems for you if required).

    With such tool you can automate checking of different print products like: business cards, flyers, posters, booklets, brochures, etc.

    What exactly it will be possible to check in such service:
    1. The size of layout.
    2. Will find images with DPI that is low for Print.
    3. Will understand if bleeding requirements are satisfied.
    4. Will check if layout is in CMYK color space (and if required will convert it to it with correct color profile and provide you a thumbnail to show for your customer).
    5. Will remove “overprint” attribute where it’s necessary
    6. Will convert text to curves in PDF files (if font is embedded in the file).
    7. Will check the number of points in curves and return a warning if this number exceeds some limit.
    8. Will convert input file to ready to print PDF file.

    I assume that it will work like a custom file uploader that you can integrate on your website and configure which validation profile (which can be specified in backoffice application) will be used for particular product.

    I assume that this service will be performed on subscription model to access API and we will charge some small commission for each download of validated ready to print PDF.

    I’m not going to sell it to you right now, just asking if you find such service useful for your business and all industry. Probably you even know existing solutions available on the market or can suggest some features I’ve missed in my explanation.

    Any kind of feedback will be appreciated!

    Thank You,


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    Does these all above things work with design tool or you asking for all those who dont have online store and handling all things manually?


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      I'm talking abou print store which for example prints flyers with custom deisigns, which are uploaded by user just like PDF files through printing company website. Of course I know that there are a lot of web2print solutions which provides some kind of product designer tools which helps printers ensure correct PDF for printing, but at the same time, I believe that there are a lot of companies that doesn't allow their customers to use this design tool, but offers to upload ready designs instead. I believe this case it valid for a big printing companies, when they receive hundreds of orders from other companies (like advertising agencies) and they want to minimize their efforts on routine PDF checks.


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        Originally posted by attilatoth View Post
        I believe this case it valid for a big printing companies, when they receive hundreds of orders from other companies (like advertising agencies) and they want to minimize their efforts on routine PDF checks.
        I would say most; if not all, print companies handing the volume you are referring to are using some kind of automation engine for their prepress workflow. If you are looking for actual names of this kind of software; in addition to most manufacturers having "something", Esko and Enfocus are big players, but a simple web search for prepress automation will give you a pretty extensive list of companies in this space.


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