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Postcards - What is your Workflow??

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  • Postcards - What is your Workflow??

    I'm curious how your process is for running postcard orders with a digital printer.

    Here is how we do it and I'm wondering/thinking there is a more efficient way. This process is for each order, whether it is a 1,000 order run or 20,000.

    1. Prepress design with Indesign
    2. Imposition using Montax
    3. Drop file to Xerox V180 to print on 11x17 paper
    4. Cut to size with Challenge Titan 2000
    5. Sort into trays

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    Basically the same however we merge with XMPie and use the RIP to impose via a hot folder.


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      We will generally:

      1. Add bleed / re-size if necessary with Pitstop Pro.
      2. Drop them to Fiery.
      3. Fiery Impose (with Duplo barcode).
      4. Place them in our Duplo 616 Slitter/cutter/creaser.

      It's true that cutting on the guillotine is quicker, but the accuracy and automation are hard to beat. Registration marks are printed on each sheet and read by the Duplo. It makes super tight borders and margins actually work.


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        1. Open the file in Pitstop Pro run a saved action that adds bleeds if necessary
        2. Use Fusion Pro to address if it mails.
        3. Drop into Fiery Hot Folder, which imposes and adds Trim Marks.
        4. Print on 12.5" x 19" Gloss Cover usualy.
        5. Trim on Challenge 305
        6. Tray


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          If the file is setup properly I just impose with Imposition Studio Pro. Always print on 12 x 18 or 13 x 19. The only thing I ever seem to print on 11x17 is manuals with no bleeds.

          Save the PDF from Imposition Studio Pro, drop it in CWS, select paper and print.

          If the file needs correction it just starts in Indesign, adjust the file as needed and then do the rest.


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